Thursday, 25 June 2009

An Outing and some Achievements

Another lovely day, very hot and a little hazy. B Decided this morning that a trip to the Crafter’s Basket in Cliffoney was necessary for card- making supplies, and as I wanted some fat quarters for the next project we upped an' offed. It’s about ¾ hour drive for me so I try to wait until there are several things I need before going. Also it’s a disastrous shop for me, and now both the wool and fabric sections seem to have grown in the past five weeks…well, what can I say? It’s lucky the Hub laid down the law about unnecessary expenditure the other evening!
Anyhow, we went via Sligo town as I needed petrol, and then up the coast through Grange etc. The views were only gorgeous, pale green sand-dunes, deep blue sea over towards Mullaghmore, the garden at the road sides full of flowers, and the wonderful sunshine. It was a lovely drive.
B had €20 to spend and inadvertently gave the lady great amusement as she assembled her items and then sat on the floor in the middle of the shop to work out how much money was left and how many buttons and lengths of ribbon she could get for it. She got some great choices, I will have to be very honest and not raid her stash!
I got four fat quarters and two yards of a flowery cotton to make myself a new shirt, and a copy of the magazine ‘Irish Quilt and Craft Magazine’ ,by the Fennel Shed. Why have I not come across it before? It’s ace!
We returned through town again to get my passport application signed and posted. I keep forgetting to do it and now my brother has invited me Dad and I to London to go to a Prom Concert, in July so it’s become a bit pressing. Well, despite getting into a tizz it was all eventually sorted and is even now winging its way to the Dublin passport Office…I hope…
Anyhow I am full of virtue today as last night I stayed up late to do the ironing after it cooled down. We had the hall roof windows open until gone 11o’c, when was the last time we had such wonderful summer weather here? And secondly, I finished the wall hanging this evening which I’ve been quilting for the last few weeks, on and off. It’s looking pretty good, without too many boggles. How is it I can piece a top flat, and then acquire spectacular boggles in the quilting and binding? Its why I do so much finishing by hand, which has definitely improved matters but… well there’s room for plenty more improvement. When the camera returns from Spain I will try upload a photo.
Needless to say B and I were out longer than we intended and when we returned the Hub was just beginning work on the raised bed I’d asked for on the patio. I was staggerblasted (staggered and flabbergasted you know) and it took him no time at all. He’s on morning shift this week, which usually entails a lot of bad temper and grouchiness, so it’s great having it done. I keep going out to admire it, but the midges are joining the audience now. Whilst he was working it was very entertaining because the dogs went out to see what he was doing. Ben stayed to supervise, that's his forte, whilst Bertie took a quick look and then sidled off around the corner preparatory to making the Great Escape! Unfortunately I saw him from the Hall window so he didn't get very far, and then he compounded his guilt by trying to look innocent.
Since we got home B has been enthusiastically cutting, pasting, learning to sew on buttons and curling bits of ribbon. She now has three cards made, and for a self-confessed non-artist, they are pretty good. I’m just glad she’s found something that blows her hair back!


Micki said...

Luckily, we have a quilt shop in our village. Where in County Leitrim are you? I am into cardmaking too and enjoy the scrapbooking too.
Enjoy all your projects!

Heckety said...

We're in Fivemilebourne, a bit of a trek to everywhere, but truly beautiful. I was looking up Dunfanaghy on the map and then in The Fennel Shed magazine I saw there was a shop there and I thought 'oh lucky you!'. If I lived close to a fabric shop it would be a financial disaster!!!
B is busy at the card-making again today, ideas really flowing!

BT said...

Oh what crafty people you are. I'm so pleased that B has found a niche to enjoy. Good for her. I would be utterly useless if I had any kind of craft/material shop near me. On my last trip to the UK, I visited a wonderful material/craft shop in the centre of Bury St Edmunds (near my son Jason). I managed to spend £70 is. Don't tell Jim, he'd have a heart attack. But you know how easy it is to do, don't you?

Your raised bed sounds great, but I do need photos. Get that camera back. Buy another one! We have a long wall and were thinking of making a bed along it but under the grass is loads of concrete, so we thought a raised bed would be the answer. How is the Hub constructing it? Brick? Stone? Wood? I think we'll use stone as we have so much of it, though it is quite difficult, being all odd shapes and sizes. Think of all the fun I'll have filling that with plants. Woo hoo!

Heckety said...

How nice to hear from you! The bed was built from 3/4 inch thick and 9inch wide planks. It won't last more than 7 years, probably, but the space in the sheltered area is quite small so I didn't want to use stone. We also have plenty of stone, especially wherever I decide to dig a hole to plant anything!
The camera is having a great time in Spain, I hear, but as soon as its back I'll learn to load photos!


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