Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Alas Poor Kettle, Gale Forecast and an Ace Idea!

It's very sad, our electric kettle gave up the ghost two days ago. Its been a good and faithful friend for the last three years, and if you only knew how much tea I drink you'd be sending it 'rest in peace' cards!

Yesterday I pulled out the scrap trunk from under my bed with an idea to making a few scrap quilts, but I got sidelined with trying out a patchwork drawstring laundry bag instead. I'll show you when its done as at present I'm trying to figure how to make a circular base which fits the tube I've assembled- Maths was NEVER my strong point, as my Dad will despairingly attest (he had to coach me through all my school Maths classes!)
I also thought I'd try out the triangular ruler I got last Thursday. As you can see the line is a bit wonky, but I'm on the third one now and its significantly straighter!
And then I had this GREAT IDEA! Someone brought a box of chocolates for B's party and I was looking at the cover and illustrations and I thought- hows about a Chocolate Box Quilt? I expect it's been done before, I'm not looking to be original here, just fun. Look at these illustrations, they could be individual squares...
...this could be squirly border applique...
...and here is the layout for the squares and patches within the quilt itself!
Of course, making it will be another story!
This evening there is a gale warning out and certainly the wind is pretty ferocious. Something is rattling around outside and I'm getting up the courage to investigate. Last weekend we had winds up to gale force ten, and its at least seven at present I'd say, and you get to be a fairly accurate judge of wind speed if you live any time in the West .
Better hold our hats on tonight, but at least we still have electricity!

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Terri Tiffany said...

I used to love to quilt with my daughter. I can't wait to see if you can make a candy box! That is so cool!


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