Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Requiem for a Mouse and Other Stories

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Requiem for a Mouse

One day last week I arrived home to find a small dead mouse beside the front door (on the outside side if you want to know...). I pointed it out to the Hub and B.
The Hub went to remove it and I went to remove my coat. When we walked into the kitchen we were greeted by a blast of Organ Music on the stereo, and B standing at the table with her hands clasped.
'Mum, Dad, a minute's silence please for the poor little dead mouse.'
The Hub stood still for a moment then snorted and asked her- 'What about the dead chicken you had for lunch yesterday? Are we going to have a minute for that?'


The Story of a Mobile-phone

A few weeks ago Dilly returned to Dublin for College. She packed most carefully and was delighted to arrive at the flat with the one case and four extra bags intact including a lovely china jug she received for Christmas.
As she travelled in the height of the snow and ice I gave her taxi money for the journey from train to flat, that too was fine.
The first thing she did after making a cup of tea and unpacking?
Dropped her mobile down the loo...


A Story of the Kindness of Strangers in Far Far Away Land
(written by Travelling Sister)
I had the luckiest happening with my knee. (She fell off her bike and bashed it quite badly).The night before we set off on our 5 day hike into Torres del Paine I was asking Bean an Ti (the landlady) for some ice for my knee (it was still black and blue and v swollen at least a week after the incident).
There was a man sitting in the corner of the sitting room who wanted to know what I needed the ice for. When I showed him my knee he insisted Bean an Ti heated up a lemon, and then rubbed the warm lemon juice upwards (towards the heart?) over my bruised knee, and then got to work on a pressure point on the opposite ankle.
The results were incredible. I had more bend in my knee immediately (and for the first time the following morning I was able to stand on it without pain) and the bruise had reduced considerably overnight.
Turned out he was a reflexologist who happened to be staying the night in our very scruffy rather unclean 'hospadaje'. A stroke of serendipity eh? Don´t quite know how I would have managed the 80km without his intervention.

And finally: The Story of the Tourist Who Thought She Was Invisible
(also by my Travelling Sister)
Out for dinner last night, Andrea asked me which of the people on our Antarctic trip did I think went by the name of 'heckety'????
She had googled King Haarkon Bay as she wanted to check up on some fur seal facts before posting her photos on facebook, and up came my trip report on your blog. What is the likelihood of her googling that, finding that blog, and then asking me about it????
Scary stuff really! Not sure I like the world being quite such a small place.....

(This from someone who left home last April to see what there was to see in South America...and has yet to return!)


soggibottom said...

Could have been worse with the mouse..Frank tends to bring them in and let them go...

Andrea said...

I can't stand mice...we use to have a cat that left me these prizes almost daily. I still squeal at their site. My hubby thinks I should be use to them by now.
Hugs, andrea

Ol' Western Gal said...

Oh, I love mice! I'm a vegetarian...don't know if mice are, tho...

Amanda said...

Since we moved to the country our cat has a new lease of life and brings in at least one mouse a day, usually dead thank goodness. Then she squeals and squeals until I go and admire it and tell her how clever she is. Unfortunately, if I'm out or don't get there quickly enough, she proceeds to eat it - apart from the green and wobbly bits! Yuk!

Terri Tiffany said...

I really loved your stories! I laughed through some and was in awe of the others. You have a delightful way of storytelling:))


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