Thursday, 7 January 2010

Thankful Thursday

Well I missed the last two Thankful Thursdays, not because there was a lack of things to be thankful for, but because during the school holidays I never know what day it is! Sonja hosts this meme so if you want to read more head on over...
Well this week's Thankfuls:

1. Thankful Dilly is home from College in Dublin for a whole month; a chance for her to relax and get her health back on track, also to spend time with her sisters. (and her parents?)

2. Thankful that the snow and frost is so pretty to look at, and that we've had many gloriously beautiful days. If we have to be cut off, get stuck, crunch the car, walk on ice because the car won't get through to the house, etc, at least its good to look at!
3. Thankful to Jane for writing a wonderfully kind post about a doll I made...everyone appreciates kindness, but mothers most of all I guess. Thank you for making my day, Jumpin' Jungle Mama!
4. Thankful Sos was given a job as Night House-Mistress at school. She can live-in, walk to College and still have time for her studies, and when needed, her part-time job at the florist; 'practically perfect in every way...' (to quote Mary Poppins!)
5. Thankful my sister took long holidays this Christmas and is with the folks as I haven't had the courage to drive in the snow so haven't been able to get over to them. She is 'minding' them very well I know, because she is like that.
And there you have it!


sarah said...

it's funny how you're thankful for the snow and frost and that's one thing I wish would go away. :)

Casey said...

Great list!

Nana Jul said...

Mary cute! I still enjoy watching that movie!
Great list that left me smiling!

Greg C said...

Wonderful list. I saw where you had snow. Is that unusual this time of year?

Andrea said...

What a great thankful post! We all have so much to be thankful for...I am thankful I have new blogging friends, like you. What an awesome journey GOD has placed me on.
Try to stay warm! It is very cold here, too.
Blessings, andrea

Terri Tiffany said...

Oh you've got some lovely things to be thankful for! What a wonderful way to start the new year.
I'm thankful my husband has found purpose and passion again by going back to school!
I'm thankful for friends who care no matter what.
I'm thankful for how God will work out every fear I have.

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

I love your list!

Jane's Art said...

Awww thank you Heckety!
Love Mary Poppins!!

SusanD said...

We got snow here too. It's beautiful to look at, but it sure makes ppl drive like they don't have a brain. lol. Enjoyed reading your list. Blessings, SusanD

Heart2Heart said...

I love your wonderful list. You truly have a wonderful Etsy site and I can't wait to purchase something from you. Just not sure what yet but the year is young.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Sonya Lee Thompson said...

This is a great list of things to give thanks for! Snow is so beautiful! But it can be tough to be stuck at home. How cool that your daughter is home for a bit to spend some time with you.


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