Friday, 1 January 2010

Two Masqueraders

Dilly and Sos went off to a Masked Ball last night with several friends. Sos just had to air her new shoes!
The Hub spent this afternoon trying to fix the windscreen wipers on my car. The temperature hovered on freezing all day, and even the dogs refused to go out and supervise as they normally do.
The ice in the wheel barrow is nearly two inches thick! Amazing for here.
I am still considering what my Resolutions will be for this year, I take my Resolutions seriously so I always choose carefully.
Deborah had a really good idea that by leaving a Christmas Angel out all the coming year we can remind ourselves to continually practise the kindness and love of Christmas. I am going to do that so I've hung an Angel by the stove.
This afternoon I wrote some New Year letters to people since as usual I didn't get any cards written. Sos put together the curry for supper, but I forgot to cook any rice or potatoes! So whilst the potatoes cooked I made chapatis, which was a real treat. As a result supper was rather long but the conversation was highly entertaining!


collettakay said...

A masked ball! Sounds like fun.

Great idea about the angel, too.

Stay warm!

Deborah said...

You made me smile! Thanks, I needed to smile :)
The ball must have been so much fun! I use to love going to formal affairs when I was young! One year, I must have been 16, I made my dress, it was a halter top, pink sequins everywhere! I remember that like yesterday! Fun stuff!!
The girls looked so cute!
Have a good day~

ladydi said...

Your girls look lovely! It sounds like a fun party. I just hope she didn't have to walk very far in those shoes. Fashion before function I assume. :>}

I'm still contemplating my resolutions as well.

Amanda said...

What a great pair of shoes - if you're young enough to wear them that is. After three broken ankles (the same one) in three years I'm stuck with lace-ups now. Thankfully I'm too old to care that much about fashion any longer. I made an angel last year that has stayed up all year, but more because I like it so much than for any more worth motives!

soggibottom said...

I always tend to leave something out that has come from the Christmas before...because I have forgotten to stash it away, but why not. I love looking at a Christmas tree angel even in July. x x x

Jane's Art said...

The girls look adorable!
I love the angel idea also!!


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