Monday, 8 February 2010

The Barter/Swap Idea

I've given this a lot of thought over the weekend and this is the result so far, but if it works it will evolve.
I am really trying to keep it simple but still to anticipate and avoid problems.

Supposing we go with this for now and modify it in a month or so? You will have to keep posting comments so I know what you want done please?

Seems to me the polite way to do this would be to post items you wish you barter on your blog, via photo and short description, ie size (if relevant), colour (if the photo isn’t coming out true), and value.

Value will be the hardest to define, but my suggestion would be: cost of materials and add on extra for your work- if its very time consuming add more than if it’s quick and easy for you, of course. (If you are used to valuing your work to sell that'll make it easier for you).

I use this currency converter when I need to, but I don’t know whether we should post in our own currency and convert, or all convert to US dollars just for ease. Might be easier to do the conversion oneself to avoid misunderstandings.

If you are offering to make something in another person’s preferred colour, style, size, whatever, then I think you should post a photo of the materials you’d like them to choose from-

Example: photo of 5 balls of wool –what colour would you like your wrist warmers- choose two,
or photo of a selection of beads if you are going to make a bracelet,
or photo of fabric colour ways for a quilt,
Keep it fairly simple.

If you want to use the same offer for some time, then please just post a link back to the first time you posted the info, don’t go posting the whole lot over and over. Keep it easy.

And how often?
And can you specify what you’d like?

How’s about this for a start-

The first Wednesday of the month I put the logo into a post with the month and number ie.#1 and then anyone who wishes to can add their offering and link anytime they wish during the rest of the month. Should there be a cut off? I don't think so myself but let me know?
Then if you post the logo in your own sidebar with a link to the relevant month’s post anyone can visit, joining in if there is something they would like to Barter. (In the layout its easy enough to put a link with the logo, I think.)
I also suggest you save all the links you'll need because if you are anything like me (oh WHAT an insult....sorry...sorry) you'll find it easier than backtracking each time you need one.

I think that if you want to make specific requests you ask a person directly either to join in and work it out between yourselves.

Specifics: To offer an item for Barter / Swap-
Visit my place on the first Wednesday of the month- here's a Sample post and I’m using French Kissed as role play!
Wednesday 10th February Tricia writes in her blog- My Barter/Swap offer for February:


This scan is of a postcard written by Napoleon to Josephine and posted from Prague on the eve of his invasion of Russia, value $9.99.


This scan is of a postcard written in code during the war and posted from Moscow, value $5.55.

I am also offering a pack of 17 of my Tour Eiffel notelets, value $18.88.
All comparable offers of Barter/Swap considered.
Then Tricia goes to Heckety and posts her link in the McLinky gadget (as long as I get it sorted) AND Comments....this month it'll probably just be comments because I'm a slow learner...

I think the Comments should be a quick reference to what’s available so you can read the comments and then go back up to the Gadget and visit the particular places you want...or just click on the person's name, which will take you to their blog.
So Tricia’s comment will look like this:

Tricia at French Kissed

1 postcard scan- value $9.99
1 postcard scan- value $5.55
1 pack of 17 notelets- value $18.88
And Tricia sits back and waits for the offers, and later returns to look and see what's on offer- it should work both ways.
And she may see a pair of purple sparkly earrings she can barter for one scan, and perhaps the lime green and mustard yellow tea cosy she's always wanted which she can barter for her notelets.

This seems complicated, but when you write things down they take up so much space!
But its just to start; ideally anyone with the logo would be open to a Barter/Swap request.
So please take the logo if you want to take part, and link back here for instructions.
And pass it on, the more people the better I'd say- think of all those treasures awaiting us!!!!
(Materialistic? Me? Go on!)

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Gran said...

Yes, you have given it alot of thought!
I am going to be a peep for awhile (slow learner here) and see how it all works. Best of luck!


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