Monday, 1 February 2010

Challenge Report # 4

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How’s your week been? All I’ve to show for Dottie Angel’s Challenge is a Great Big Mess:…six pairs of old jeans in mid-? up-? re-? cycle…and since I’ve sent out the call for more I guess I’d better get these finished soon! My sister in the Foreign Office has sent out a request, Dilly has put a notice and basket backstage in the Theatre where she works, and Sos has put out the word to all her friends in the Institute…
Raw material coming up, I hope!

And Creative Every Day?

Well, since the Body theme probably ended last week, I’m doing a final posting today to wind up- but a bit different, not just the five senses, but one memory for each as well.

Sight and Sound
Early on Sunday morning I sat for a while and watched the snow falling. It always amazes me that it it so quiet, and it also seems to hush the usual country sounds. It was so beautiful, big white flakes thickly falling and hardly a sound anywhere.
Memory: In East Africa we used to go on safari to the Game Reserves sometimes (expensive!) and the quality of the silence out in the bush was more than just a lack of sound. The soughing of the breeze in the dry grass, distant honks and growls and sudden flap of wings, the cries of birds of prey, and the huge African emptiness. In the evenings there were crickets, cicadas and animals closer, tree frogs, birds and the sudden scream of unknown things.
Sounds once heard, not soon forgotten. Sounds which settle inside you forever, I think.
(Sorry about the zebra- my sisters have a 'thing' for zebras...I was looking for a photo of just savannah but zebras keep popping up everywhere when I enlarge the thumbnails!)


Here in the West of Ireland each season has a smell, and even coming snow has a scent, dank and raw and bitterly cold. The spring smells of mould, the summer of harebells and wet hedges, the autumn of smoke and dead leaves. This last week has had that dank winter smell to it.

Memory: The dusty musty smell of the first shower of rain on the earth after a dry spell, mmmm.

On Saturday evening the Hub and I had a Chinese takeaway…it must be over a year since we did that and it was fun! I really like Chinese food.Memory: In Nairobi there was an old restaurant, The Hong Kong, where we used to go to eat out as it was relatively inexpensive there. It was still a treat and afterwards we would drive through the city looking at the lights. To me Chinese meals and city lights still go together!
(photo of Koinange St, the HK is on the left there somewhere!)

Texting…those of you with family and friends far away, don’t we appreciate the ability to text? Yesterday I had texts from- sister in Buenos Aires complaining that it was pouring rain on the one day she was invited to a pool BBQ…
…the folks to say they’d arrived safely in south of Spain, AND found their hotel…
…Dilly in Dublin to say she had done the Theater ‘Getin’ and was now relaxing in a pub where a Trad Session had just begun, and she was so happy…
…B to ask to be collected after Church from a friend’s house, and to say Sos wanted to come home to lunch…

Memory: I would have loved that luxury in East Africa!
Mom wrote to me every week for 15 years, and that was the only contact I regularly had with home and family. Phone calls were one every six months from the Head Office if lucky (we never had a phone), and we never had access to a computer. There was no English radio, local newspapers were sporadic, and we didn’t have TV.
Cut off? Yes, but it was completely normal.

And I guess that completes the study of the Body Beautiful!!!!
Let me tell you- its lucky I started this early as the post has just been delivered with the latest Permaculture Magazine so you won't see me for dust the rest of today! Yippee!!


Trishia said...

Good morning, Heckety! Thank you for such a sensory-loaded, inspiring read while I enjoyed my morning coffee!
OH..and I love the zebra shot. I have two pairs of zebra pajamas I bought myself last Christmas on sale and I often wear them half the day since I'm lucky enough to get to work from home:)

Tammy said...

Thats great that your recycling those jeans,I just hate to throw anything away.I'll have to check back to see what becomes of them.Thank you for your comment on my blog.

Jingle said...

Well, your jeans are showing signs of good thins to come, at least! Your senses and memories part of this post is so wonderful! Thank you for sharing these things!!!

ladydi said...

I love what you're doing with those jeans! I do think the biggest change in my lifetime is the way we are able to communicate. Look at us, blogging across the world, and your family and friends poking buttons on a cell phone telling you they've arrived in yet another portion of the world. Science fiction of the 70's had no idea.


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