Saturday, 6 February 2010

Lightbulb Moment! Ding!

An idea has been wandering round my head this week, so I'm going to share it with you and see what yez all think. PLEASE COMMENT!
(I have to admit this idea is particularly attractive because I'm so flat stony broke...but that's permanent since I had to give up work)

It began with a very cheeky comment I left at Angela's place when admiring some of her work- me cheeky? Hmmmm...
Go look for yourself and you'll see why I offered to be a recipient of one of her postcards! They are gor-geeee-us!

She emailed to say she'd be delighted to make me one, and after finishing being horrified that she took me seriously, I offered to knit her a pair of wrist warmers in exchange.
Angela emailed back her colour choice, and each of us are delightedly creating something the other will love; speaking for myself anyhow!

Here's my amazing idea: its a kind of barter/swap if you like.

How's about if I offered to make something which I can do in exchange for something you can do? (We could exchange off Etsy shops either, but I'm not sure if that's allowed. Or perhaps we could use Etsy as a base to work out relative worth of items and what we can each do.)

Example: Pretend my sister has finally bought a flat and I'm looking for a housewarming present.
I decide she'd love Jane's Button Pictures so I email Jane (or Comment, or Etsy Convo) and ask if she'd swap me a Picture for something I could make that she needs?
So Jane thinks about upcoming events and remembers a friend's birthday so asks if I'd swap her a couple of drawstring bags.
We each create the items for the other, post them off, and Bob's Your Uncle!

Gifts sorted...a treat for yourself...stationary...household linens...winter woollens...

I guess there would need to be some rules- like keeping it between blogfriends so as not to accidentally insult someone, and not to try it in December when everyone is frantically busy. And each pair of swappers would need to be responsible for their own organisation.
And maybe not to do it with expensive items.
No money should change hands so we'd need to keep swaps equal in value.
I suppose just mind the friendships and consider each other really.
Anything else?

Perhaps I could get a sidebar button which we could display to show who is willing to participate?

What do you think?

And another thing- perhaps once a fortnight you guys could post anything you have for barter with a rough 'it's worth' guideline either in the Comments, or, if I could figure out the McLinky, in your own blogs with a link- this could be anything at all, secondhand but in good condition included- books, wool leftovers, fabric pieces, items you no longer long as they are postable!
This would mean that not-crafty folks could take part too.

(And if there's already a Barter/Swap site set up somewhere, please excuse me for being a bit slow and not noticing!)


Andrea said...

Bartering is wonderful.

Cilla said...

Good idea!! JUst not sure I'm skilled enough at anything to be worth a barter!

Robin Hill Quilts~Eileen G. said...

I am in!! I would l0ve to barter~ I have already approached a wonderful blogger to trade her silver barettes for some machine quilting and it was very well received....I would love to add a link on my blog with various offerings that another blogger could choose to swap~

Amanda said...

I think it's a great idea, though, like Cilla, I'm not sure what I could barter. It's certainly something I'm happy to think about though.

ladydi said...

I think it's a brilliant idea. I was just wondering how I could acquire knitting and crochet supplies. Of course I'm not giving up quilting, but I could probably stand to trade a bit of fabric for a crochet hook or some assorted leftovers of yarn. I also have more quilting books than I need which I could trade.

Heckety said...

That's great folks! I'll figure out the linky yoke, and you keep the comment coming and any better ideas you have!
I'll post a button in the sidebar which you can take to let people know you're in!
Thank you soooo much!

Kathy said...

It sounds like it could be a pretty fun idea. I do not do etsy shops, but I'd be willing to put photos on my blog showing things I enjoy making!

soggibottom said...

I saw your post earlier today...

I wish I had the time...x x x x x x

Great idea though...what do you want...... ?

Jane's Art said...

LOVE this idea!! I am all in for it!!

Jane's Art said...

P.S. I'm putting the button up now!

Gran said...

It sounds good. I have to figure out what I make or have that someone else might want. Good Luck!


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