Thursday, 18 February 2010

Thankful Thursday and a Funny Story

My! Don't Thursday's come around fast!

1. After yesterday's grizzle, just look what we got up to today!
Blazing sunshine, blue sky, and scarcely a cloud in sight! Oh THANK YOU LORD!

2. Here we have a 22 year old sewing machine (ignore the mess please, its not part of the Thankful) which has been in use almost every day of its life.
Mom brought it out to East Africa as a Wedding present for us, and promptly set it up on the dining table and made my wedding dress! (Well she made her own, and her bridesmaids' dresses so why stop at that?)
Thankful for this machine and the employment it gives me- to occupy me, to save money (as in clothes and curtain making), to earn something (as in sewing for other folks), to make friends (as in quilting circles and household mending for people); its been bumped and bashed halfway round the world and back, and I haven't arrived in a new home until it is set up!

3. Behold! An equally battered piano! Although this is not my original piano, we bought it soon after we arrived in 2000 and it has done trusty service albeit rather tuneless at times. (please excuse the black tail, Ben thought I was photographing him!)My two Grandmothers gave us Wedding money which was used for the first piano as I was teaching Music at the time, and to be able to do so from home was a financial asset, but in 2000 we sold that piano to pay for our air fares to move back to Ireland.
Thankful that I can sit down and play any time I want or need to; for me, playing the piano has always been a safety valve!

4. I know you have met these two lunatics many times before!
Bertie, 'Why the heck won't she open the door? Its freezing out here!'
Ben, 'Photo op, bro, keep your fur on!'
Thankful for these two, their attention, nosiness, and especially their 'new-every-morning' attitude to life!
5. And after the long day that's invariably in it- comfortable African bed!
Those are my regular, un-Godly, material, non-essential, everyday Thankfuls, all else is transitory!
Funny Story
As you'll know, yesterday was Ash Wednesday and as it happened, I was playing for the Evening Service. We had a clergyman who comes to us once every three weeks to help our rector, so although folk enjoy his preaching (good solid Bible based), as yet he doesn't really know us and our congregational idiosyncrasies...(this is relevant to the amusement factor!)
Last night, after the Penitential Service of Holy Communion, whilst I was playing the Recessional Voluntary, I watched the congregation file down the aisle to the porch, shake hands with and thank the Canon, then loop back and file solemnly back UP the aisle to the sanctuary...I don't think the Canon realised as he was busy greeting, and the look on his face when he came through the porch doors and saw most of the congregation on their knees by the altar rail was PRICELESS!
(The Altar is in the Chancel at present.)
Well the reason for it all is this: some years ago the vault under the Sanctuary pushed up and destroyed the floor. Now the vault is repaired, the floor replaced, and over the past five weeks a craftsman has been laying a new 'encaustic' tiled floor. Last night it was complete except for the grouting and it is simply a work of art...hence the viewing from hands and knees at the altar rail!!!!
(I'll try remember to take a photo on Sunday for you!)


Terri Tiffany said...

Thank you for sharing this part of you:) What I noticed is your grass is greener than mine and I live in Florida! What's up??lol Love your dogs:))

Valerie Comer said...

Thanks for stopping by at the International blog today. :) It's nice to meet you.

Amanda said...

We had wonderful weather yesterday sandwiched between two ghastly wet days. I think God must have been smiling on us, as we had travelled to Brighton to spend some time with our two sons, and we were able to sit outside on the sea front (albeit with our coats on) for coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon. Wonderful. I too had a sewing machine that went on and on, a 21st birthday present that only gave up the ghost just before I retired. The two I've had in the two years since then just don't seem to cut the mustard in quite the same way.

Heart2Heart said...


I am so glad that God blessed you with blue skies, sunshine and little warmer temps. Love your pups! They are simply adorable and you're right. They make all the difference in the world sometimes.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Candi said...

That would have been entirely too hilarious. I would have liked to have seen that sight! Please do post pictures! It had to be beautiful to bring a whole congregation to it's knees! :P


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