Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Before collecting BBug from school this afternoon, Dilly and I went down to Hazelwood to see whether the bluebells were out yet. They are still buds but it was lovely down by the edge of the lake so we walked along and looked at things for a little while.
Lots of fishing on Lough Gill, trout and perch, I think.
Are these oxalis?
Fern frond nursery!
Leaning over backwards, this is what the trees look like! I wonder what they thought of me?
Don't these beeches look like dancing girls in new frocks? Sooo pretty!
Some of the twisted shapes of the old trees are so architectural and amazing.
Cherry blossom finally blooming.
And yesterday I heard the first cuckoo! Always a defining moment in Spring! There's nothing quite like the sound of the first cuckoo, or the sight of the first primrose.

This is a link to Mary's blog (she said I could post it) because she wrote much better about the point I was trying to make in my Monday post. If you have a moment do read it!


Jingle said...

This looks like such a relaxing and beautiful place! Great shots!

Ulla said...

Yes they are oxalis, have you ever tasted the green leaves? The Finnish name ketunleipä means fox's bread. Your spring looks like what we call early summer.

Andrea said...

WOW...beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

Terri Tiffany said...

Are cuckoos real? What do they look like?

Deborah said...

The flowers and trees are beautiful. The trees look like old men!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Wow, Heckety, you have a great eye for photography! You had beautiful subjects, too. I don't know if anyone answered your question, but those do look like oxalis to me.

Jane's Art said...

Happy Earth Day Heather!

ladydi said...

I'm loving your Irish spring. I also didn't know cuckoos were real. Around here they just pop out of clocks on the hour. :>}

Elaine said...

What a beautiful series of photos! Your spring is much further along than ours. I've been checking for fern fronds but so far no luck.


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