Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Not Lynx, links, as in web links you know? I'm not really into the whole man-eating scene- I'd have been born a Tsavo Lion if that were the case...

I though I'd give you a beautiful sunset to remember all the people who have gone before us and who have left gaps in our lives:

I also thought you might like a bit of visiting today, as a change from my bewailing...here in the rural West we call visiting 'ag cuairt' (egg koo-ur-ch) and its taken seriously. Sometimes you ring ahead to ask would a certain time be convenient, other times you just pitch up at a friend's place. Tea is offered, sometimes food, always a LOT of talk and you stay as long as it takes to set the world and its uncle to rights. Hospitality in general, is a serious business here!

Have any of you heard of Anne Spoerry- one of Kenya's most dedicated Flying Doctors? I met her on a few occasions, and the Hub knew her at one time, she was a formidable and amazing woman, you could even say, a legend in her own lifetime!

This is an interview with Marian Van Eyk McCain about how everything we do is connected to everything else...there is no such thing as an unrelated incident. Its the sort of thing which might pop into one of our deeper thoughts and then pop out again, relevant to all of us really.

Quilters Ahoy! Here's a request: Vicki Maloy has started a new siggy swap and is looking for participants...sounds like a fun project! (If only I could get it into my head that siggys are signed patchwork squares and not tobacco toting teenagers, I might be able to sew them...)

And another Quilt Notice from Micki, and a reason to take your hols in Donegal this year:

Jeff's '5 for the week' are worth visiting, as well as relevant and irreverent...

I know some of you are teachers, and, as teachers we are exceptionally special people with a rare and distinctive view into everyone else's children's lives. In this spirit I suggest visiting Symphonic Discord's post about her Class Field Trip- I regret to say I giggled and groaned the whole way through. If not a teacher you may not appreciate the humour- be warned!!

And one quick blast on the trumpet: I was included in my first Treasury EVER!! And it really didn't cost me that much in bribes either...Thank you Griselda Pugh! (The wine, silk PJs, Butler's chocs, and brown envelope will be in the post shortly!)

A last observation- Welcome! to the people who have recently become Followers!

I'm not sure it was a totally wise move on your part (ask any of the folks who have journeyed with me since the early days) as about the only thing I can promise is that you probably won't be bored, though equally you'll never know what'll crop up in the next post...

HECK! I'M not bored and I'm LIVING this life and WRITING the damn posts!!

So, me dears, rachaimid ag cuairt le cheile!


Deborah said...

Have a great day!

collettakay said...

So, what does your last sentence say? I see the "visiting" words
but what about the rest.

Curiously yours.

Trishia said...

OK, all caught up:) Thank you, thank you! In regard to the store you suggested I check out, I actually have it listed on my blog -- and had totally forgotten it!ha! I saw the French script fabric and drooled, drooled. Had visions of flying off to India, meeting with manufacturers and getting fabric of my own design made -- and then I came to my senses and took out the trash and put up the dishes...:) HUGS from America

Heart2Heart said...

WOW you certainly did post a lot of links. I love coming here despite what you share on any given day. It's like popping on over for a cup of tea and sitting a spell to hear what you've been up to. Love it!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Griselda Pugh said...

What an interesting post!! I've only been able to visit one of the links so far - for Anne Spoerry - it was really fascinating to read. I've been thinking about it on and off since reading it - so many issues around her experiences during the war and her life saving work since then.

And I was really surprised to see that this was the first time your work had appeared in a Treasury!! I hope it leads to good things :)

Jane's Art said...

Thanks for the links!!


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