Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Of Water, Wonky Elephants and Wits...

Uh...what happens if one accidentally waters the broadband yokemibus connector instead of a pot plant? I kinda...missed...

Remember the shopping tote I was wondering what to do with?
Well I added appliqué and this is the finished result- can you tell what its meant to be? The Hub said it looked like a wonky elephant...honest answers please!
And then I felt like playing with some of the tie-dyed fabric so I made this:
I might put these in the shop tomorrow, if you think they are ok, well the tie-dye is...but if you all think the appliqué is a wonkety heffalump then I'm NOT putting it in the shop!
Its Daft I am- not Stupid!!!!!
But mostly I've been gardening, and teasing the dogs...when Furball-dog 'talks' he sounds just like Chewbacca!
So now he's Chewbacca-dog!
Yesterday I tried to brush them but they thought it was a game and whenever I called Chewbacca he'd pounce on me then run away! I thought that with this warm weather a good brushing would help him feel cooler- Brains versus Brush?
Hoover-dog let me brush him but he has short hair and it isn't such an issue. So I weeded some more of the gravel instead!
I was reading a post earlier about giving one's blog focus. I need to consider this issue very deeply as neither this post nor this blog has ANY focus at ALL!
Perhaps I should re name it- 'The Wonderful World of Wandering Wits' !!
Whaddya tinks???


collettakay said...

My first thought was that the appique was a geisha.

Am I right?

Andrea said...

WOW..gorgeous bags!

Robin said...

It's a woman with a baby on her back of course.


Gorgeous bag, it looks too pretty to put the shopping in.

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Ulla said...

Before you asked I thought you made a beautiful appliqué of a woman carrying her baby on her back.

Amanda said...

Yup, I agree, it's a woman carrying her baby on her back - but her hat seems to have slipped over one eye!
As to focus, I guess it depends on why you write your blog. If you write for your audience alone, and to get a bigger audience, then you might need focus as suggested in the link. But if you write mainly for yourself and the friends you've gained along the way then the best way to keep those friends is to carry on being yourself, it's why they've remained your blog friends. To be honest, I thought the ladybloggers blog about focus a bit pretentious.

Joy said...

I think the applique is a geisha.

Fun photos, and I so admire your sewing. If I didn't have rascally toddler and nosy almost-kindergartner, I'd have more time to sew. :)

collettakay said...

OK, now I see the baby.

Kathy said...

I think you can make your blog be whatever you want it to be about. It is your blog and you can write about one thing one day and something different another day. That is what makes it unique. It doesn't need to be like someone else's blog! I like hearing about gardens, quilts, and living life. I enjoy seeing photos of the different places where people live too. These are some of the things I have noticed in your blog and that's why I like it!!!

Daisy said...

A mother and her baby is what I saw immediately. Both are quite beautiful, I think. I don't see any elephants anywhere!!

Thank you for your visit and comment at my blog. :D

ladydi said...

Yes, I see a mother carrying her baby on her back, and one red earring is showing. Focus? To me our blogs are strictly for fun. We can focus on our work. Blogging is for playtime when we do whatever we want to.

Trishia said...

I agree with the others. It's YOUR blog. Write about what you want:)


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