Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Toilet Humour, Going Viral and Two Announcements

Ooops! Sorry!

And did you hear about the secretary who always wore rubber gloves when she was working on the computer?

She was afraid she'd catch a virus!

(Thanks L!)

And now for my Announcements!

Firstly, aren't these lovely postcards?
The original paintings were done by one of Youngest's friends...yes I do know some wonderfully talented people don't I? (smirk!)

She is raising money to go to Kenya in June to work with the Charity Kenya Build.

All the participants have to raise several thousand Euro towards the Charity before they can go so C. has done a series of paintings on a Kenya related theme, of which these are three.
Packs of her postcards (8 to each pack, with envelopes) will be in my shop (click on the Etsy box to your right) by the end of this week and all proceeds will go straight to her charity funds.

They would make great stocking fillers, hostess gifts, small tokens, or just nice note-writing for yourself, I've bought some for myself already!
Mind you, I'm tempted to frame some and give them as Christmas presents too! My Dad would love the zebra- he calls zebras 'cows wearing pyjamas' and when we were small we actually believed him...ok, you didn't need to know that...

Secondly, my Creative Advisor...
...and I have decided to celebrate the run-up to Christmas with Helpful Christmas Crafts!

I was thinking about what I could give to you guys that would be useful, considering how much you give to me from day to day all year round in your comments and emails?

Then a comment from Elaine and an email from Amanda made me think; wouldn't it be great if someone would help me get organised for Christmas week by week with all the little crafty things which are lovely to have but time-consuming when you try to do the whole lot on Christmas Eve (thus spake the Voice of Experience)!!

And so I thought, THAT'S what I can give yez! A small weekly craft how-to, using whatever you have to hand, by the end of which we will all be super-ultra-mega organised!!!!

Oh yeah!

Or, have your children/ grand-children/ friends/ neighbours/ visitors do them for, I mean, with, you!!
(Note: Husbands not included in that list...)

So: Fridays here we come!

Be there or be square...(when was the last time someone said that to you?????!!)


Amanda said...

Love the jokes, extra love your pooch. Great postcards, but I'm currently buying up loads of photographic cards being produced by my niece for much the same purpose. I love the idea of crafty how-tos - perhaps some of your readers can help out with some ideas? I'm more a pincher of ideas than a generator, but I'll get my thinking hat on.

See ya, wouldn't want to be ya!

Deborah said...

That is a great idea and I'm going to go over to your shop! Have a good day my friend!

Elaine said...

Your creative advisor looks very wise and the Friday craft how-tos is great. Of course, your advisor will probably want to go with items using bones and doggy treats.


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