Monday, 6 December 2010

Christmas Shopping...on Etsy!!

Over this last weekend I've been doing my Christmas Shopping.
For us, presents are more than a token, but definitely not extravagant. The three daughters get useful items, and a certain number of requests (including, generally, six months' worth of toiletries and stationary!!).
My point is, that everyone gets something, but it is small, and staying within a budget whilst trawling the shops, or finding time to make something meaningful for everyone can be very trying.
Enter my brilliant idea for this year: Christmas Shopping on Etsy!
Firstly; I'd be supporting people like me, who are trying to make some extra pocket money to keep going through the times that are in it.
Secondly; consider the bliss of not having to battle the crowds in the shops?
Thirdly; I might possibly avoid costly mistakes if I'm not being harried and panicked, well, hopefully...
I have to say that I have just about everything bought, and now all I have to do is sit back and wait for the postman to deliver things!
There are a few items I need in town, but I know exactly what they are and where to buy them, and there are three things I need to sew, one big, one small, and one to finish off.
Howzat for stress-free present buying?
...and, what's more, it was fun, and...
...I met some lovely people, and...
...a couple of sellers gave me special deals...
...and I've got exactly what I wanted, as well as individual and special presents!
These are the Shops I used, if you are interested
(I'm not telling you what I got! Secrets must be kept!!).
I tried to shop local but many things just aren't made by Irish Sellers, so I went further afield, and then some Sellers had such gorgeous things that I just thought 'What the heck!' and went for it!!
Vickie Wade Fine Art : ab-so-lute-ly GORGEOUS posters of her Art!
Around The Island Photography : I've had my eye on Robin's photographs for a while now, and her new Photoverse venture is great!
First Fan, Cottage Jewellery : (Irish Seller) lovely costume jewellery, pretty and not clunky!
Ritz Glitz 555 : (Irish Seller) You have to see her dichroic glass, its iridescent and sooo beautiful...
Happy Cloud Supplies : I won one of her Star Necklaces back in the summer, so of course I went back for some beads and things! She has two Shops, Happy Cloud Moments has her jewellery in.
Mels Bells Cloche Hats : If you are a hat person, you've gotta check these out! I could easily buy half the shop, like maybe a hat to go with every jersey? and season...and occasion...and...
Dragonfly 1750 : (Irish Seller) These silk scarves aren't just bee-u-di-fulll, but also VERY reasonably priced! I'll be baaack...
Jewels by Jane : if you want some Wall Art you'd better move fast...I've already got the best one...hee! hee!
Eastwitching : You have to go and drool over Alison's Art! Each animal and bird has such character, and is so colourful!
Hearts and Laser Beams : I didn't really know what I was doing here, what with wanting to use my own photos, but Steph emailed me and she's made it all easy as pie! Efficient too!
Gifting Girls : Exactly what I wanted for a very reasonable price, including postage! Go Girls!
And that, mes amigas, is my shopping done!
Lots of time now for all the things I really want to do!
(Such as persuade the Junior and Senior Infants to sing in tune.....?? 9.20am Monday!)


Robin said...

What a wonderfully inspiring list - thank you for including me in it :)!

I LOVE that you've chosen to support small independent craftsmen this holiday - great for them, and you get to give unusual, beautifully made and totally unique gifts to everyone on your list - triple win.

My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

Susan R. Mills said...

Good for you! I'm so glad you stopped by today. I'd lost you sometime during one of my breaks and was unable to find the email where you told me about your new home! Look forward to catching up with you!


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