Monday, 14 February 2011

Old Africa Magazine and Two Giveaways!

If you are interested in East Africa, its social history, its people, everyday events and photographs up until about the 1960s, you will LOVE the...

Old Africa Magazine.

The website only gives you a taster really, there is so much more in the Magazines. If you know any returned-home Missionaries, Settlers, or anyone who had links with East Africa over the years please consider giving them a subscription? They will sooooo enjoy wandering along Memory Lane with other folks!

They do say Africa gets under your skin, which is true, I guess. I may not wish to live there at present, but I still feel its pull...and not just because I brought a Kenyan husband back home as my souvenir!!...and three children...

Shel Arensen, the Editor of Old Africa Magazine, has lived in East Africa with his family since forever! and is even planning to retire there, if he ever gets round to it...Shel has written several novels, the Rugendo Rhino Series for young teenagers, (which our girls have read until they can quote them! Our copies are in tatters!) so if you want to give your teenagers a glimpse into another way of life- here's your chance!, and The Dust of Africa.

So here are the Giveaways:

I have one copy of 'The Dust of Africa', and two of the Rugendo Rhinos books, ('Poachers Beware', and 'The Secret Oath' copies ordered especially, you'll be glad to know!!) looking for an interested audience. These are the sort of books you will read, re-read, lend, buy as presents, read again, and remember with pleasure!

First, perhaps, visit the links above to get an idea of which book/s you might like.

Next, please leave a comment naming the book/s you would prefer (ie Rugendo Rhinos, or Dust of Africa), before the 4th March, and an email address or contact for yourself.

On the 4th I will draw one name for each Giveaway, inform you, and post the books to you.

If you don't respond to the email by the Monday 7th I will have to re-draw (this has been a problem previously, for me).
Likewise if you don't leave a contact your entry is doomed!
...and if you don't specify which book you want I'll just presume it was a kind comment and not enter your name!!

If you had a moment to post about this Giveaway, or even just copy the button to your sidebar with a link back here, it would be really good publicity for Shel and his work.

Thanks a million!
And I look forward to being BOMBARDED with entries!!!

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