Friday, 26 August 2011

A Walk in the Woods

This morning I decided to go to Hazelwood and see whether I could find seeds and nuts to plant for trees. I have been reading about the composition of hedgerows and thought I would try to grow my own! When they heard where I was going, Youngest, Small Dog and Eldest thought they would join the expedition. We were nearly two hours walking, and I think I found more photo ops than seeds, but it was such a lovely morning that it was just wonderful to be out in the forest!

Youngest and Small Dog aka Heinz.
 A very light-starved toadstool...
...and a very well camouflaged toadstool, isn't the camouflage amazing?
There was a long stretch of dense canopy shade, and then in the one spot where the sun shone through there was this ragwort growing about 4' tall!
Clover, beech, and moss- an amazing variety of mosses on the ground and on tree trunks.
Yew candles, lots of them and very pretty.
View across Half Moon Bay from along the lake.
View across Lough Gill towards Clogherevagh and the islands.
I came across Peter Pan crowing in the old Yew- 'Oh the cleverness of Me!'
New Boots? Oh Yeah! First outing and they had a lovely time too!
This should have been at the start, as I took it when we got out of the car on arrival. As you can tell, it was a lovely morning.
And now I have two somnambulent gargoyles and one snoring Dog Person all sprawled in the sitting room watching  the DVD of 'Ice Age' (???), as one does after a long walk in the woods!


Soggibottom said...

Better than me, you know what Ragwort is :-)
Ladies my kind of people.... Ice age again and again any time :-) SOF SAYIN THA~T~ BETTER BE OFFS. :-) x x x

Ulla said...

Beautiful photos from your walk!

Elaine said...

What a wonderful walk you had! I love your photo of the ragwort shining so brightly.

Deborah said...

Those pictures were beautiful!
Thanks for your advise!!! I have to agree with you! I think kids should be kids and not grow up too fast!!

Amanda said...

We've just got back from a week at the Edinburgh Festival, so I'm catching up with all your news. New Dog is cute, he looks like a great addition to your menagerie. What a lovely walk you had, perfect weather. Much as I love the summer I really look forward to the end of it and the coming of autumn, as it's then that we have our best walks.

Helen said...

Than you for sharing that lovely walk . . . I feel refreshed!!
P.S. Winstons chin really is that colour !! Love Helen xx

Bev C said...


Thank you for leaving your comment on my blog. I hope you liked the pie. Ireland looks so lovely, thanks for the walk in the forrest.
Happy days.


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