Monday, 3 October 2011

Heckety Has A Job, Begorrah!

So did you think I was lost? Or were you just enjoying the quiet?????

Actually, you'll never guess what!

I accidentally got myself a temporary job which PAYS me to work!!!

Whoop-di-doo and all things amazing!

It was like this: At the end of August the secretary of the school where I teach Music, suddenly handed in her notice. One of the teachers leaped into the breach....or was she pushed?... and held the fort for a fortnight or so, but she was neglecting her students, of course.

One day when I was in, I offered to help out as a stop-gap, as they were becoming somewhat stressed, and there really is a lot to do at the beginning of the school year- between paperwork and dealing with new parents' enquiries. They accepted, temporarily, probably because I've taught part-time, full-time, paid, and voluntary, over the last eleven years, so I know the place and they certainly know me...(the expression, 'better the devil you know, than the devil you don't,' does spring to mind here...).

Finding a reliable, professional secretary, who is happy to deal with endless interruptions and constant children visiting the Office, is a bit of a tricky job. For the moment it is 'on hold' due to the priority of  so much other 'stuff', primarily the moving of the entire school into temporary accommodation at the end of October, so that building work can be commence on the permanent site. Of course that was meant to happen during the hols, but.....

Anyhow, to my astonishment, at the end of the first week of my tenure (!!!!!) I was paid! Imagine! Being paid to orchestrate absolute chaos, tease the children, play tricks on the staff ,and get the secretarial work utterly wrong!?!?!

Phone rings, 'Hello? Berry School.'
'Hello, could I speak to the Principal please? Its Claire McDee.'
Heckety trots into the Principal's Office: 'Its Sarah McDee on the line for you.'
Principal: 'Are you sure? I thought she was Claire.'
Heckety: 'Ummmmm, you could be right, I can't remember now.'
......Claire it was....

Another Example :
A very small, very serious new boy arrives from class with a request for photocopying, and while its clanking away he asks very politely whether I'd like to hear a joke? Ooooh yes!
'What do you call a penguin with his head stuck in your letter-box, Mrs H?'
H: I don't know!
Solemn little boy: 'A bill.'
H: Ha Ha, that's great! Where did you get that one?
Solemn little boy: 'I have a book of jokes, Mrs H.' and off he goes clutching the photocopying.

Good variety,eh?!


Robin said...

Sounds perfect - enjoy the laughs, and your paycheck as well ;).

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Amanda said...

When I was teaching I often thought that being school secretary would be the perfect job for me. So well done to you for taking it on, it's bound to be satisfying and to get paid as well is an added bonus.

Ulla said...

Congratulations, it sounds like a perfect job for you!

Trishia said...

Heather, it has been ages since I've been by. I'm so happy to see you are getting some green in exchange for your talent -- and humor:)I'm in my typical overwhelmed stage [hence, the absence] but it's always a joy to read your posts, Ms. Piano!

Michelle said...

That actually sounds kind of fun!


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