Sunday, 15 January 2012

Been A While...

Its been a while since I posted, let alone posted regularly. How have you been keeping? Missed yez, missed yez lots and thought of you individually often, wondering how things were going?

During the Autumn I was getting to grips with the new job- just FYI, School Secretary is not for the faint- hearted! I love the children to bits, I even really like all the staff and the principal, but boy! for each lovely parent it seems you get one who couldn't care less and one who is as obnoxious as bedamned! Its truly another world out there folks! As a teacher you may receive a little respect, as secretary there is NONE!

Over Christmas the Hub, Middlest and Youngest went to East Africa for three weeks to see all his family and catch up. His Dad has not been well, and is taking ill health and age very badly- well why shouldn't he, I guess? He's probably only being the way most people would like to act??!!

Eldest stayed in Ireland and was up and down to Dublin. With the mild winter that's been in it her health has been much improved, as well as being prescribed new and much more suitable medication. The last few days she has crashed again but luckily she is at home so she can lie on the sofa and grump all she likes! Over the Christmas week she had all sorts of friends to stay and it was fun seeing how they are all growing into such lovely adults- if they are a sign of things to come, its lookin' good!!

To say that I have found things difficult over the last while would be rather an understatement. But at the same time I've been seeing someone as part of a CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) program, and I feel as though I am mentally beginning to get my feet under me once more. The idea (excuse me if you know this) is to change one's own thinking and reactions, to be more proactive and not reactive in life's ups and down....I think....

Its HARD WORK!!!!!!

And learning to stand my ground and think afresh is difficult too, but so far, worth it. I'm very, very lucky to be getting any help at all as the mental health services are over-run with demands. I'm also really lucky in the friends who are still standing by me as I grapple with the inside of my head!

I really need to get back to writing regularly. I also need to get back to visiting all of you because that too keeps me sane, and out of my own head- to say nothing of really enjoying your company, of course!!!

I'm playing for Church this morning, guess they might be a little shocked if the organist rocked up in her pyjamas and her hair all on end clutching a mug of tea...or maybe they'd take it in their stride, they know my foibles well enough by this time!!

Have a peaceful, restful day, folks and I hope to chat again soon!

PS I got a camera phone for Christmas and I've been taking some photos around the place; when I figure how to upload them here I'll share!


Amanda said...

Welcome back, and it's so lovely to read your blog again. I've thought about you often and sent good wishes winging their way over the sea. I found CBT very helpful too, it didn't 'cure' me, but it helped me to cope so much better and a year since it finished I'm still improving. And the increased number of good experiences are at last managing to outweigh the bad.

I hope you manage to work out your new phone soon. I'm due to get rid of my 'brick' phone soon and get one, so I'll be learning too. And here's hoping your winter doesn't come all at once.

Ulla said...

Good to have you back! Thanks for the note, beautiful picture. The light is increasing now rapidly, it may make you feel better.

Elaine said...

You've had a lot to work on. I don't envy you that school secretary job. The kids would be fun, but the parents--no, thanks! I love your background photo, by the way.


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