Sunday, 19 February 2012

Proud Momma?

We've just been to see Sligo Musical Society's production of 'TWOOz', and despite Youngest's forebodings, it was good. They opened with a matineƩ and we went to the evening performance.

You'd never know it was the second performance of the day, they were very lively. Toto was bored though, you could tell about half way through the first Act that he'd had enough; he lay down onstage and refused to get up! A couple of times he managed to escape, and once when he was supposed to come on he did a quick U-turn and went off even faster! Youngest said that during the matineƩ, when Dorothy was singing 'Over the Rainbow', Toto howled along in unison ...Youngest nearly had an asthma attack from laughing so hard!!

Of course Proud Momma here thinks that ONE Munchkin was particularly good, and ONE Emerald City Resident ditto, but that's not fair as everyone pulled their weight. Youngest, among others, was 'miked' for most of the singing, even when off-stage as the cast was not really big enough for the volume necessary.

Anyhow, its underway now, always the easiest part of a Show.

Eldest spent the last few days doing technical set-ups for two Shows in Dublin. One has such complicated light and sound that she is having to 'op' (operate) the show every night of the run. She says that one is quite spectacular with acrobats and colours, and one is a nightmare! But she is enjoying herself, and was wanting to know how to cook dumplings Thursday evening, which sounds the sort of daft thing she would do after a day in the Theatre!!

Middlest has been acting in a local film this week, and will be again next. She was all pleased to get a part because there is a fabulous car involved...ah me! she'll be the next Richard Hammond yet...Top Gear just doesn't know what's gonna hit it!!

Do you ever look at your children (those of you who have crossed that mighty Rubicon) and wonder... where the flippin' heck did they get THAT from? too.


Amanda said...

The thing that most surprises me about my sons is how confident they are. They should be of course; being so lacking in confidence myself I was very keen to help them as they were growing up, but it still surprises and pleases me.

Ulla said...

Congratulations on the duaghters' good work! Maybe it is the talents of both parents successfully combined and mixed that make the kids so great.

Elaine said...

You have every right to be proud, Momma. Your daughters are doing wonderfully. And, yes, I often wonder where my kids got their talents from--but then I just take credit for all of the good things and blame their dad for the bad things.

Clothed in Scarlet said...

Yeah! I do wonder about mine too! But then sometimes I'm like Elaine who commented along the lines of taken credit for the good and blaming dad for all the other hehe. It cool your daughters are expressing their creative talent and I would think that comes from you. It would appear that you enjoy being creative and I think that would encourage them to take it up a notch :o)


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