Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A Greenhouse?

Yup! A greenhouse!

The Hub has agreed to build me a lean-to greenhouse against his beloved shed:

Site of future greenhouse!

Materials (you may need a magnifying glass!) timber, plastic from skip, perspex.

Tidied up compost heap, courtesy of the Hub- he can't bear a mess not of his creating, and the compost heap is MY mess...

A jungle tamed!!

A nicely weeded and mulched bed- with SUCH a straight edge!
I've started off so many vegetable seeds and they have begun sprouting now so I hope he really does built the greenhouse as promised. I'm going to be the most organised vegetable grower in Ireland come Spring!!

Funny thing a friend said last week about when I told him about the proposed greenhouse: 'The Irish do love their lean-to's, they even build lean-to's onto lean-to's!' And when I thought about it, its true!!

On another note, back to work/school yesterday, although the children don't return until next Monday. I thought it would be a nice gentle ease-in but no such luck- parents wanting second-hand uniforms, phone hopping, returning messages, booking services for office machines, staff trying to get organised, builders problems, Principal catching up on paperwork...and just what does all this have to do with me I ask?

Dunno, but it sure keeps Muggins busy!


Benta At SLIKstitches said...

The site looks perfect, hope it happens. Daughter #1 sent me a pic that said "ladies, if a man says he'll do something, he will, no need to remind him every six months" - very apt in our house!

I'm a bit worried about our return to school - children are back from 8:30 next Wednesday, staff at 8:30 next Tuesday, I land ack from Florida 10am on Monday - don't think I'll be fit by Wednesday, let alone Tuesday!!!

Kathy said...

good luck with the greenhouse building. It will be a nice place to get your seedlings started and help extend the growing season. My school starts back tomorrow! We've already had our teacher inservices.

Amanda said...

I was so excited when we moved here and I had my first greenhouse to play with. It really does help with early seedling and now it's completely taken over by humungous tomatoes and some pepper plants. Have fun with yours. I've been living the 'retour' by proxy this year as Number One Son is about to start his very first teaching job and we've been getting regular updates on his preparations. How much time will you be able to spend in your little studio once you're back at work?

Ann Babillis said...

Ahh, another avid gardener whom I can live through vicariously. Gardening isn't for me, I live in an apartment. My dad's wife, Bonnie is an avid gardener and even had her greenhouse featured on a local tv station. She keeps things growing in the middle of a Colorado winter in the Rocky Mountains.

Elaine said...

Hmmm, I feel a bit of familiarity with your comment "he can't bear a mess not of his creating."


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