Saturday, 15 December 2012

A Home for Hubert the Hippo

Do yous remember my Hubert the Hippo?

Well he obviously made an impression on my friend's brothers who helped me move the heavy stuff into the wee hoosie, as last night I received a text from same boyos, 'We can bring over the hippo Thursday!'

I'm telling ya, there's nothing like the ambassadorial attributes of a Hippo!!!!

SO! Another friend's husband's uncle has an empty flat in town and as of yesterday morning I am its new tenant! It's beside the river, between two pubs, over an accountant's office and about 30 seconds walk from the studio...God moves in mysterious ways His wonders to perform!

Youngest loves the flat, to me its ok; affordable and available.
Monday I've to pay the deposit, sign the dotted line, etc and on Thursday will move. In between, the place needs scrubbing to within an inch of its life and the wee hoosie packing up. Youngest is rounding up all her friends to help load and unload the boyos' van, with the promise of dinner at 'The Swagman' as payment...might as well turn it into a party while we're at it...sure isn't it the week before Christmas?

Saturday I've to turn in the keys of the hoosie and collect my deposit.

Miracles happen, I'm so lucky!

So is Hubert the Hippo!


Little House on the Hill said...

Love your hippo and I hope you both settle into your new home before Christmas

Wishing you a all the very best for christmas and the new year

Cheers Pauline

Elaine said...

Having Hubert around is bound to make your new digs cheerier. Sounds like they will be convenient for you, and if nothing else a place to settle for now. You're in a difficult time of transition, but things will get better bit by bit, and Hubert will stick with you. I'm sending wishes that your Christmas will be happy and your New Year full of hope and a wee bit of joy.

collettakay said...

How'd I miss this post?!? Did you get all settled in?

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!


Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Yay for friend's husband's next door neighbour's hairdresser's sister's paperboy's uncle! Xxx


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