Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Heckeva Week...

You know the sort of week when you wonder what else could go wrong?

Present concatenation of disaster:

parking fine
house sold, discovered by accident, can't get answer as to when I have to leave but soon
car broke down...twice, rent money used for repairs
subzero temperatures again and house heating not yet repaired, landlord not accepting my calls
front door slammed locking me out
flat stony broke
got mad with my Principal and resigned....
....he shredded my letter, isn't it SO ANNOYING when your friends know you better than you know yourself?

Then this afternoon a friend rang me up and said 'Come around right now for tea.' I was so thankful and grateful to her. Her husband cooked supper too before I had to return to school to do some work with the book-keeper on the accounts, soooo nice.

And THEN, listen to this, a lady in the queue behind me at the supermarket passed me a €10 off voucher which she said she didn't want when I was checking out! I'm telling you I nearly cried from gratitude...wasn't that just the kindest thing?


Ann Babillis said...

Ah, yes, those were the days. I lived them for years. I now regard them as my boot camp. Now nothing fazes me. And you Irish and your way of parsing the verbs. I looked all over to see what a flat stony was and what might happen if it broke. Then I realized what it really meant.

Seems to me you and your landlord are even now. You have no heat, he has no rent! That should teach him.

Hang in there, dear Heckety, you'll remember these times with laughter and acerbic wit soon when you have turned it all around. It's coming.

Mamma Bears Fault said...

"When it rains it pours" and you seem to have been hit by a typhoon/monsoon as it were. Here's a long distance hug and a hope and prayer that things start looking up for you very soon!

benta atSLIKstitches said...

How lovely that the cr@p was offset by random acts of kindness. And while i thought I had the best head teacher in the world, yours sounds a close second, love him/her for shredding your letter!

Two bland clich├ęs for you.
- what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
- one day you'll look back on this and laugh

Amanda said...

Oh, you poor thing, I bet you felt like crying at the bad luck and then at the good luck. I do hope you manage to find somewhere else to live soon, though hopefully it won't be until next year. kept your chin up, we're nearly at the shortest day and then summer will be on its way.


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