Sunday, 2 June 2013

Organ Trouble...AGAIN

Picture Heckety staggering out of the Cathedral's Morning Service just now, wiping sweat from her brow and hiding behind the nearest gravestone to curse loud and long...(blue air)

During the second hymn (quite a short and innocuous hymn, 'Here is Love') with a grumbling rumbling reverberating moan the Organ took off on its own, in a completely different key to that in which I was playing, with the windy weighty discord becoming swiftly louder than my playing. Got to the last chord and I reached to turn it off before rising any of the stops.


For the final hymn all that worked was about 18 notes on the upper manual, Middle C upward. No bass, harmonies, and only the shortest pipes, so really high-pitched and whistly. Also no pedals or volume increment. The Choir did a great job, also the Dean, but mortified? Much? Moi?

Next Sunday is the Enthronement of our New Bishop which is a real big deal in the life of the Church, so the Vestry has six days to get that bokety yoke of an instrument up and running.

Nice one, Organ.

Talk about a diva of an Organ, chooses its moments, always.

Aaaargh Grrrrr....

Mars bar solace called for...sssshhh...don't tell....

On a TOTALLY different note (ha ha) read this post about 'The Rooster of Mindfulness'- its ACE! I wish I'd real it before Church and then maybe I would have appreciated the moment and not got me knicks in such a twist?!


Mamma Bears Fault said...

Oh, you make me laugh - 'cause I've been there too! :)When things go wrong, whether under your control or not,it is still really embarrassing! In fact this morning I started a hymn in completely the wrong key...oops! Sounded awful, so I just started over! Here's hoping they can get your organ up and running before next Sunday :) Take Care - Elizabeth

Ann Babillis said...

My crazy brain misread your title. I was afraid I was about to read about kidney damage. I was immensely relieved to hear it was about the church organ. I miss emailing you, and I need to. It's been crazy here and I plan to send you a long message sometime soon.


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