Tuesday, 27 October 2009

I'm Back!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Umbrellas and walking sticks...I'd like to inform you that its back to business as usual!
The past week went grand, and I think that one's Ma-in-law had a good time. After her and the Hub's safari round all the relations in UK it was a fairly quiet week. They had one long day out to the Ceide Fields in Mayo, but mostly just went for scenic drives and long walks locally.

The first evening she arrived B and her friend went to the School Hallowe'en Disco, which is rather a highlight of the term. All the school discos are great fun and all three girls have enjoyed them over the years- they are so strictly 'policed' by the teachers that I've always reckoned it to be a controlled exposure to 'going out'. B and her friend dressed as 'Good Conscience' and 'Bad Influence', and here they are with Ma!
Another morning we took the dogs with us and had a lovely long walk on Streedagh Beach.
On Friday it was School Prize Day, and since Dilly had come down to see Ma, Dilly, Sos and Ma went to Prize Day. B was singing in the Choir. They all enjoyed it, and then Dilly took them all out to lunch in town, and around the French Market, which is here for the October Bank Holiday Weekend each year.
Saturday morning the Hub took Ma to Dublin Airport to return to East Africa, and Dilly to collect the trunks we'd lent to the theater in August. Dilly remained in Dublin as she had work on Sunday.
After that I ground to a complete halt and it has taken me until today to catch up on cleaning, laundry, tidying up and replenishing the pantry! This afternoon Sos got the bus to Dublin to stay with Dilly and see what her work entails, as well as going to two plays. B has just returned from a day in town with a friend wherein they went to the cinema.
And so it goes. This week is half-term for B and Reading Week for the other two so I plan to take it easy and do lots of quilting! Early start tomorrow morning though as my car is finally in the garage and the Hub leaves for work at 5.15am, and guess who is driving???


Andrea said...

Glad you are back. Look forward to hearing more.

Heart2Heart said...

Well you sure have been missed but we are soooooo glad that you are back. Sounds like your visit went well and things are relatively back to normal.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Gran said...

Your life is a whirl and you still manage to keep quilting on your plate. What a treat to see your pictures. Welcome back! i missed you!

ladydi said...

Oh my goodness, I do love those beach photos! Do you live near enough to walk to the beach? Sounds lovely. I'm glad you had a good visit.


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