Thursday, 24 March 2011

Stephen's Green photos, Dublin

So here are some not very good photos from last week! This is part of the band I came across outside the Thrater...and below is the pond in Stephen's Green.

James Joyce, a bit o' culture fer ye...
and another Bandstand! Hey! I like Bandstands- they are so old-fashioned!
...and ditto...
I'll take some more this week and h-edu-macate yez further!!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Nit Picky? Pick Nitty?

I'm feeling nit picky so I'm going to just say what I've been thinking (for ages)...

When women are writing about their families why do they have to say that they are married to the most fantastic Man that ever walked the earth, and have the most adorable children anyone ever gave birth to?

If they have to make me jealous for them to feel good, tough, not sure I want to know...

If they are married to a right #*#~~*%"^&%%## are they likely to admit their judgement was a little 'off' on their wedding day?
If they wish they'd run screaming years ago, are they likely to admit it in their blog? (and I'm not belittling those who wish they could, believe me, its no joke)
And as regards their children, I should hope that at least once a week most mothers think their children are the best thing since sliced bread! (when they are asleep)

Can't we just take all that as read and move on to more interesting stuff- like how many scarves they have? or their favourite cheese? or whether they hoover under the sofa except when their mother is visiting?

Because, lets be honest, all husbands have faults and there's no such thing as the perfect man- I mean, even Superman wears his clothes inside out....and children? even when you want to tie 'em to the Park railings and run, you'd be bawling your eyes out the minute anything happened to them.

So can we just leave off about the husbands and children, and write about the important stuff here?

Talking of which, after a brief trip home at the weekend to do laundry (NINE LOADS begorrah!), cook, play the organ, visit the parents and update them on life the universe and everything, etc...I'm back in Dublin arguing with Eldest and pointing her nose at the grindstone.
Middlest arrives this evening to work on the Set all of tomorrow.

And someone has spilled something sticky on this laptop and its truly revolting-eeugh...

Business as normal so!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

In Dublin's Fair City

Well here I am in Dublin since early this morning, a country bumpkin gobsmackerettoed by the city buzzzzzzzz! I always forget how fast everyone moves here, and also how many people there are!!!

Since Eldest has rooms in College, within five minutes of walking out the door one is in the center of town, literally...dodging double decker buses and flying bicycles! ET has nothing on Dublin cyclists! And of course, with St Patrick's Day being tomorrow the place is awash with vile green furry hats and fake leprechauns...

This evening Eldest had a Class, so I walked up to Stephen's Green, where Granny used to take us to feed the ducks when we were small and she had a surfeit of stale bread. The tulips are beginning to flower and the place looks very home we have no similar sort of grand park space. The Bandstand is looking its age but that's not surprising after this past winter.

Along the Green the main road was closed and a stage had been set up, with a Ceiligh Band and a Leader giving impromptu dancing lessons to everyone in the crowd who wanted to participate. I heard him teaching them to dance 'Shoo the Donkey' as I went past, with poor results, judging by the groans and laughing!

I returned via the Gaiety Theater, still has that exciting 'theater smell' when you open the door, and the shaded lights and red plush decor! On the pavement opposite there was a Sax and Drum band playing Swing and Jazz, so I stood and listened for a while. They were amazing- bopping and jiving as they played and having a whale of a time! They'd gathered quite a crowd.

Around a few side streets, back onto College Green and then in the Nassau Street College Entrance, to sit on a bench for a little while and admire the evening: cold but still sunny, hardly a breeze, and not a drop of rain in sight!

Oh My! I could be in another country entirely!!

Eldest is getting out a few books before the Library closes, and this evening she can work on her Dissertation. This morning after I arrived she discussed, then dictated an entire essay, which was edited and then handed in. So despite much pain in her hands, today she has achieved!

I can feel your well-wishes and prayers winging our way!
Thank you!

Unfortunately I forgot my camera flex, so, although I am taking photos for you, I can't upload then until I get home again Friday night. I'll post them for you at the weekend!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Pickles and Patience

I know I've asked this before, but do any families sail serenely through their combined lives, or do all families lurch from pickle to disaster, with 'a series of unfortunate events' en route?

Seriously, I would really like to know.

The latest in this establishment, in case you are at all interested, is Eldest grinding to a halt...just two months before her Degree Finals. Her Dissertation isn't written, also a 90 minute play, and two short essays, and there's a small matter of two 'set' designs (theater mock-ups, basically) to make.

All to be done and dusted by 10th April, followed by viva voce exams and some other final 'stuff'.

Her arthritis and joint pain is very bad, she can't do steps, or sitting or standing for any length of time, or type for very long, or keep food, and a host of other ailments, or even walk properly with a fact she's in far worse physical case than my own father, who is no sprung chuck.


So she came home at the weekend (by persuasion since I had eight 16 yr olds staying- another story!) and she, Middlest and I sorted out a schedule for the next month so that Eldest has company/minder at all times.

I tell you, God does work in mysterious ways, because Middlest is only semi employed at present and is able to help out. Between her and I someone can always be available for Youngest in the evenings, and still get to Dublin for Eldest. If Middlest's plans had gone as planned (brilliant English language, I know!!) she would not be available to help and I would be beside myself.
(The Hub's work hours are difficult at the best of times, and he begins his Course at the Church of Ireland College in Dublin this weekend- different place to Eldest...of course!-and another story!!)

So tomorrow evening I am heading to Dublin on the BladeRunner (as in slow-country-stop-at-every-blade-of-grass-between-here-and-Dublin bus!!) It takes 4 1/2 hours, would you believe? (2 1/2 to drive oneself!) since due to cutbacks they have abolished the Express don't realise what an enormous country Ireland really is until you try to cross it using public transport!!

But I was just thinking this morning, as I added to my list of things to do by tomorrow, that, considering I do nothing, its pretty complicated putting life on 'hold' for a month. Obviously, to do nothing as well as I do takes a lot of organisation!

This is Heckety Beck coming to you from County Leitrim for the latest Blogger News update!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Hello Dolly!

I've been away with the fairies recently, hence the lack of posts, no wifi in Faerieland! However my hands have kept busy, crocheting like mad things, and I also made a Daffodil Doll!

Remember the old rhyme?

Daffy Down Dilly has come up to town,
In her yellow petticoat and her green gown.

Well here she is!

She's sitting on the Shop Shelf if you want a closer look!


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