Thaimfer Sorta List

These are some of the things I want to do or achieve, things to aim for, dream of and hopefully make come true. In no particular order.
(Open to being edited at any time.)

Write a novel and get it published.

Do the Textile and Entrepreneurship Course at St. Angela's.

Own a baby grand piano- maybe.

Make enough money from my own work to be independent, and to enjoy the work so much that it is its own reward.

Places I want to visit:

Canada, and cross the continent by train
Nova Scotia and the Prince Edward Islands
Terra Del Fuego
Antarctica or even the Arctic, actually probably the Arctic more (because of 'Winter Holiday', Arthur Ransome)
do one of those quilting and textile tours of India, and one to China
and probably some other places
The Arctic Circle
see the Aurea Borealis
Norwegan fjords
Alaska and the Inside Passage
Scotland, the Hebrides and the Shetlands
the Aran Islands and the Skelligs and some others
Colonial Williamsberg
Vermont and Connecticut in the Autumn

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