Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Posh Bathroom!

There's a hotel in Rosses Point, a fairly modest and comfortable hotel, which is home to the most all-time favourite bathroom of my girls:

Its amazing and bizarre and friends are regularly taken to the hotel for tea after a beach walk to be marched along to inspect the loo!!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Croke Park...Get Real

Croke Park 2 has been rejected by various Unions. Austerity measuers, national bolshiness, Irish intransience, fed-upishness, salary cuts, lack of back-up services, Civil Servnts' greed...blah blah blah. Everyone will give a different spin on the notion.

The slogan Croke Park brokers were using was: 'Give an hour for Ireland.'


This country (as are all free countries I suspect) is BUILT on the hours people give free to the welfare of their workplace, community, old, disabled, pre-school family members and friends who would otherwise be a burden on the State.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Rain and River

We've had real feisty April showers this week and the river has risen considerably:

I took these with my phone as the light was failing and I didn't think there was time to run and get the camera- hence dodgy quality!
Last week the water was so low that the ducks and seagulls were walking up and down, paddling.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Quote from Middlest yesterday:
'Mom, you just have to make like a volcano and vent!'
Good huh?!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Picture This...

Lovely new school...eight classrooms and various other rooms...eleven full time teachers and sundry other assistants etc...

Actually functioning this week:

one printer
one Internet outlet (not connected to each other)
plugs around school, intermittent, fuses blowing right left and centre
phones- two plug ins (neither cordless handset operational)

Was the temper frayed? No it was SHREDDED! In tatters! And that was the Principal, the secretary's temper was in the next county and her sanity was across the water in Wales, still running for its life...

Workmen- in and out all week either turning off essential services or trying to repair them around 200 inquisitive children, not the most efficient process. By Friday the knocking sound on the boiler was so bad the plumbers turned off water mains in fear of the system blowing up...

If there was anything else it pales to insignificance in comparison to the above!

On the plus side there is a swan nesting on the watershed by the school (the river runs right outside the building). Two hundred children are anxiously watching over the swan from the classroom windows, were there ever such eager god-parents-in-waiting?? Its just lovely for them to watch the wildlife at such close quarters and good for them to be so involved.

Final Verdict? Fab week...NOT!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Its Okay To Snigger (Quietly)

So I've been on Blogger how long?
Three years you say?
And after all that time (you won't believe this...) I go and (wait for it!)

Oh myyyy!
A sandwich short of a picnic or what!!

Hooo boyyy....sad huh?
Moving swiftly on...

Here in the West we have had a dry and very cold St. Patrick's Day and Easter. The daffodils are out but on the radio this morning they said that ground temperature in Donegal is something like minus 10C and its still freezing at nights. Well if I was a bud I'd certainly stay in fact, if I called myself a 'budding' school secretary d'you suppose I could take to hibernation now? Its surely going to be a shorter than usual growing season this year.
Forgot to tell yous...

Just before the holidays we moved into our new school premises and its just fab.u.loso! State of the art! We must have the most amazing school in the whole of Connaught! It was total chaos for the last fortnight, and even during the holiday everyone has been in and out working and sorting things.
And best of all I have a brandspankingnew PIANO!! (Well not me personally, but I'm pretending that its mine!)

So, between the cold weather and running around doing school stuff, I've been far too lazy to do any sewing and have been plodding away at the knitting and crochet. I am trying to finish up all the projects on the sofa and coffee table so that I can start working with some gorgeous new wool I bought last week...trying to be strong-minded...trying to     resist        temptation.....


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