My Etsy Treasuries

With the release of the new Treasury East tool on Etsy I thought I'd try my hand at putting together a Treasury.It was such fun!

Here's my first try, Dreamy Designs. I'm not sure whether its the best title- 'Eye-popping Colour' might have been more suitable! I guess you can tell It was made at the end of a long, cold Winter!

After a long warm, sunny day outdoors (one of the first of the season) I was so happy I decided to put together a Summer collection: Lazy Hazy Summer Dayz.

When the weather gets really, really cold and Christmas is over, then I think we ought to be allowed to hibernate by the fire in cosy comfort! With that in mind I put together Let it Rain, Blow, Snow and already I feel warmer!

To celebrate February, and the Season of Hearts, I thought I would choose items with a Heart theme which are suitable for all the year around.. I called this Treasury 'Homespun Hearts and Happiness' because homespun is a look I really like.

Here's how to make one for yourself if you like? Treasury East- here's the Link:

I had to save the link as I couldn't seem to get into it from the main Treasury?

If you've done a Treasury you'll know this but I'm telling you to save frustration as I had trouble loading it up at first:
When you click on 'New Treasury' and have your lovely empty boxes all waiting for your choices, highlight the whole URL of each item you want to use, copy and past it into the empty box, and press 'enter'. The photo should come up, if it doesn't then you need to figure out the problem.I had the whole lot done before I realised I had a problem and lost the whole of the first two pages, which was infuriating, and meant it took me ages.You probably would know all this but I sure got my knickers in a twist!Have fun! And please post me a link when you're done: I'm nosey!


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