Friday, 28 September 2012

Sez It All...

Overheard in the Kitchen (2)

I was questioning Youngest on something a friend had told me last night to see what she knew, and did my usual opening of: 'I heard on the grapevine...'

She gave me one of those looks she does, combination of sceptical, curious, cagey and amused all in one, and remarked:

'Mom, at this stage I'm surprised you haven't got a whole Vinyard to yourself!'

We all burst out laughing- the mental image that conjures up is just too hilarious!

Put nosey Heckety in her place!!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Beatrix Potter I Ain't!

I know very well that being a compost addict brings with it the possibility of vermin. Of course I do!

But when I lift the lid of the compost bin and have a large, audacious rat shake his fist and rattle his sabre at me I think I'm entitled one loud 'eek!' ?

Cheeky so-n-so, better remember to kick the bin before opening it next time as I do really detest rats.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Overheard in the Kitchen

Youngest was cleaning up after a baking session whilst Eldest sat at the kitchen table texting and playing with an iPod...

Youngest: 'Would ya remove the technology, please? I'm trying to wipe the table here...'


Sunday, 23 September 2012

Of Time Lost

Golly to Goodness but where does Time go? Blink and you miss a week...or two...or three! I know I've been busy but didn't realise I was THAT busy!

School's back and and after a crazy-mad few weeks, everything is beginning to settle into its usual hoppity skippity progress, as in one day you think you've almost got a grip on work and the next two you wonder if you ever will...

Since Middlest moved home at the start of the month I feel as though I'm running a student hostel which leads to some interesting scenarios- I thought I was waking up Middlest the other morning and another girl's head popped out from the duvet!! Poor thing, she didn't want to be woken up at all!

Middlest's man, Car-boy, for future reference, is also around a lot, which is fun as he is a gas character, also he is quite happy to hang out with Youngest, and not every boyfriend would be as easy- going.

Youngest has begun her final year of school, kinda scary, you never think your youngest will actually grow up, do you? Ok, you might, but I didn't! She's had two friends here for the weekend and they have baked, cooked, watched films, gone jogging and talked the hind leg off every donkey in Connaught!

So it goes. The greenhouse progresses not at all, the weather has been unseasonably (and unreasonably) cold, the charity shops have nothing in my (ginormous) size, and four horses broke into the garden a fortnight back and ate all my trees down to the ground.

Things gotta be lookin' up soon....


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