Saturday, 24 April 2010

Warning! Party in Progress!

By 11.15 they were laying in to the fudge and the 12.30 they were off to the lake to see if the fishermen had arrived!

By way of doing something different I gathered together some of my favourite things into a Etsy Treasury-East: see what you think! Its VERY colourful!!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Thankful Thursday

Another Thankful Thursday and a chance to appreciate our blessings.

1. Thankful for our dentist! Dilly has two front teeth again, albeit temporary, so she can return to College on Tueaday to finish classes and exams.

2. Thankful for the time in Hazelwood yesterday afternoon, the forest was so peaceful and the time out with Dilly was good too.

3. Thankful for my folks' hoarding tendencies! Dad produced a 'spare' walking stick for Dilly and she is getting around much better now and falling over less. Also I've noticed that people notice the stick and give her space and hold doors for her, which is handy as she can't do doorhandles, and pushing.

4. Thankful for more sunshine and the leaves finally bustin' out all over! (Where's that quote from?? C'mon!)

5. This is rather different: I'm thankful for brave people who go out to see how it is in distant parts of our World and bring the information home to us so that we can understand how life is for others. There's want, need, distress, bravery, endurance, heroism and much else out there we need to be aware of. You never know when you will impact someone else.
Nicholas D. Kristof is one such person.

And finally Happy Earth Day to everyone!
Its a beautiful planet we've been given to mind!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Before collecting BBug from school this afternoon, Dilly and I went down to Hazelwood to see whether the bluebells were out yet. They are still buds but it was lovely down by the edge of the lake so we walked along and looked at things for a little while.
Lots of fishing on Lough Gill, trout and perch, I think.
Are these oxalis?
Fern frond nursery!
Leaning over backwards, this is what the trees look like! I wonder what they thought of me?
Don't these beeches look like dancing girls in new frocks? Sooo pretty!
Some of the twisted shapes of the old trees are so architectural and amazing.
Cherry blossom finally blooming.
And yesterday I heard the first cuckoo! Always a defining moment in Spring! There's nothing quite like the sound of the first cuckoo, or the sight of the first primrose.

This is a link to Mary's blog (she said I could post it) because she wrote much better about the point I was trying to make in my Monday post. If you have a moment do read it!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Photos from Iceland link

A friend on facebook,Conor Doherty posted the link to these photos. There are lots more if you are interested, and they are all incredible. Why is it that sometimes photos are more powerful than TV footage?
Small plane flying alongside the ash cloud. (Iceland)
Farmers bringing livestock under cover. (Iceland)
Clearing ash off a roof. (Iceland)
A farmer looking at the volcanic mud in his yard. (Iceland)
Aerial view of the volcano, which I can't spell. (Iceland)
Here's the link if you want to save it to look at later.
Icelanders are tough, hardy, resourceful but this event is enormous. We shouldn't underestimate the effect it will have on their livelihood, whilst bemoaning the effects on ourselves.
Dilly was at the dentist yesterday, and will be again today at 4 o'c, so he will start the root canal treatment. She will need a crown unfortunately as the damage is too bad to repair. He's going to patch her up to get through her end of year exams and a few Light Design and Box Office jobs she has between now and the end of May.
Sos has two Performances today so we are off to see the 1 o'c Showing- it should be 'interesting'!! She has designed and made a lot of the props for the Play and the Publicity posters, as well as being in it!
BBug is rounding up a bunch of friends to see the 6 o'c Showing...I hope Sos is aware that the students will be watching her as she is on duty in school again tomorrow night!
The Hub is doing repairs to Travelling Sis's bicycle so she can use it. (I'll have to find another name for her now she's home for a while!) He says she had been using it with the handlebars on back to front!!
Ho hum! Have an ash free, back to front day!

Monday, 19 April 2010

The Ash Grove? or Global Warning?

Down yonder green valley, where streamlets meander
Where twilight is fading, I pensively roam
This is actually Hazelwood, and the Ash in the song is referring to trees rather than a volcano, but hey! its a nice photo!

Apparently Irish airspace is still closed, and the ash cloud is heading west with the possibility of being in American airspace by this evening. Its like something from a science fiction novel or film, isn't it?
Dad was in town shopping this morning and got extra groceries for us as Mom is anxious that by the time I remember to do the shopping the shelves may be empty. Already in Kenya many agricultural workers have been laid off and the produce left to rot since it cannot be flown out to Europe.

A volcano spews ash in Iceland and on the other side of the world, in a different hemisphere workers lose their jobs! What sort of behemoth have we made for ourselves? There's been plenty said about Global Warming, Peak Oil, World Poverty, Terrorism, and a lot else over recent years- but did anyone consider the possibility of a Natural Incident?

But if you think about it, or, if we are prepared to think about it, this could be the very wake-up call we need to seriously mend our ways. After Krakatoa erupted there was no spring or summer so crops failed, and a lot of people died from respiratory complications. Wouldn't it be truly ironic if there was to be widespread hunger in Europe because so many people depend upon their food to be grown in Africa (and elsewhere)? Whereas in Africa the food is useless because it cannot be got out of the field and into the Market?

Up until two years ago the Hub's Dad managed farms in East Africa for the Tesco chain. We bought Kenyan green beans in Sligo, north west Ireland, knowing that M had grown them in Nanyuki, Kenya, since he was the supplier to Tesco. How absolutely RIDICULOUS is that? Think of the miles and damage it took to get them to our table?

So perhaps having all the cargo planes grounded and people stranded all over the world is just a gentle reminder to us all, all over the world, that we are living unsustainable lifestyles and that we need to cop on to ourselves. We sit and gaze at a grassy garden and go hungry for veg and fruit- how daft!

No one of us is going to solve the World's problems, its way too late for that, but sure as we do nothing, nothing will be done. Think about it, folks?

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Can I have a BORING day now please?

Well Sos turned up, you'll be glad to know...and BBug spent last night planning her birthday Party which she is sharing next Saturday with a friend. I am 'wearing in' a new pair of jeans so am having trouble sitting down! As a result I've tidied up my sewing table and am about to get down to work...but before I do, BBug and friend are going into town for freezer food for the party with friend's Mom, and my Mom would like a compost collection done as she's in gardening mode! Dilly fell again in College and broke her front tooth on a cobblestone so is coming home for the dentist Monday- poor thing.


The Hub went off to his overnight Training Course yesterday and arrived safely. His carefully packed suitcase is still sitting in the hall by the front door!

Here's some posts I thought might interest you- well, if you are bored, which you are probably not...

Karin’s Quilts-just look at these, they are GOR-GEEE-OUS!

Sheree’s Book Treasure Hunt: I’ve a feeling this is going to leave Book Clubs out in the cold! And I soooo would love to win one of her Art works- they are LOVELY!

Sometimes you’ve got to wonder about Midge….

I used to think that ‘altered art’ was when someone defaced your drawing, or dropped a Van Gogh…guess I was wrong!

Have a good weekend folks!

Friday, 16 April 2010

Thankful Thur-riday!

Days of the week are arbitrary- if I don't like'em I change'em. Problem?

Anyhow I was out the last two days. Wednesday I taught Music all morning in (the Primary) school, raced home to get Dilly packed and to the Dublin train, up to school to collect BBug, down town so she could buy her best friend a birthday present (a Cookery book, and a magnet-'I don't need your attitude, I've one of my own'- TOO TRUE!), home to feed people...

And yesterday I went from the school run to a day out in Enniskillen with the folks and Travelling Sis, which was very nice, and then collapsed into bed on my return- guess the teaching caught up with me.

Before I forget I do have a few Thankfuls:
1. Thankful for such lovely sunny days this week, not warm, but very beautiful.
2. Thankful Dilly was home for several days, and will be home again next week.
3. Thankful for Dilly's diagnosis, and strong pain medication for her.
4.Thankful that BBug's practical Music Exam went well on Tuesday, the first item on her Junior Certificate. 'Well begun is half done!'
5. Thankful for two new pairs of jeans yesterday- yeah, yeah, I know that violates the Dottie Angel Challenge rules but when one has an arse the width of the proverbial BARN DOOR there's not a hope in the hot place of getting jeans to go round one from the Charity shops! So There!

A friend sent me a few jokes which I posted next door...

And now another beautiful day- and d'you know what they're forecasting for next week?
MORE *~*~*~* SNOW!!
Can you BELIEVE it?
Its mid- April, no leaves on the trees, the daffodils and spring flowers just up, no growth in the grass; the farmers are going demented trying to keep their animals in fodder, and some have lost lambs already due to last weeks' lousy weather. At an estimate I'd say we are running about six weeks late in the growing season right now. S, below us, hasn't even put out his cows yet, I had a good long chat with him this morning- I'm no farmer but a very nosy parker and I like to know how it is in the fields!

Now I've to tidy the sitting room as Dilly left a mess, catch up on the laundry, and push the furniture back into place in the spare room so I can sew. The Hub is away doing a course tonight and tomorrow, and I seem to have mislaid Sos, but no doubt she'll turn up at some point...

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

It Came To Pieces In Me Hand...

Isn't lovely weather such a blessing?
Marey Horse would NOT come out from behind the tree to have her photo taken, she just hid and humphed!
I really want to thank you all for both your sympathy and encouragement over Dilly, yesterday. I've been reading everything I can about Fibromyalgia and am feeling a little better informed as to what it involves. Your encouragement is also helping me to be more positive and I appreciate your comments very much!
She also had her laptop stolen from the Theater last Wednesday, so yesterday evening my Dad lent us the money and he, Dilly and the Hub went and bought her a replacement. It means she can come home to study and write assignments instead of having to sit in the computer room at College, just a small thing. I think its perhaps the small things that will make a difference. Today we have to go buy her some good sandals with support as her ankles are terribly sore and she hobbles.
There is definitely SOMETHING nesting in our ruin, but I can't see what though I keep creeping out to investigate.
I've neglected the pansies and just look! Neglect obviously suits them!
And the polyanthus are flowering by the front door- polyanthus or primulas? I never can remember.
I seem to have forgotten to turn the photos around, but sure flowers is flowers whichever way up you view'em! Also by the front door this morning I saw this beautiful moth:
Isn't camouflage amazing? Take elephants, for example, you'd think they were too large to hide, but in dappled shade they are virtually invisible. The same for zebras, and cheetah and leopard are even worse, you can be practically staring one in the eye and miss it. Well I know a moth is slightly smaller, but the same principle applies!

Yesterday it was so warm and sunny that on the way into town I got Dilly to wind open the car sunroof. Lovely! Then I asked her to fold the handle away and...somehow the whole mechanism...came away...sort her hand...and she sat there and remarked in a VERY casual tone 'Oh Dear.'
We laughed so much I had to pull off the road to get my breath back and wipe my eyes! Considering how many mishaps occur in her vicinity I just don't understand how ANYONE in their right mind trusts her with Theater Lights, or anything else!
Then on the way home, with two bicycles on the carrier, something came loose and the Hub had to stop and fix the whole yoke back onto the car. There was a lamb in the field next to where we stopped:
...making the most UNHOLY row, but very friendly. Dilly and BBug were mortified that I got out of the car to talk to it, but it was rather cute.
Travelling Sister was telling some saga this morning over the coffee cups and when we'd all finished laughing Mom asked: 'Do you think that as a family we are very easily amused? Or do amusing things just happen to us?'
I dunno but judging by Dilly and the Winder, amusing things sure do happen!!

Monday, 12 April 2010

New Improved Pleasant Pheasant Alarm Clock!

We appear to have gone straight from Winter to high Summer here and skipped Spring entirely...not that I'm complaining but the flora and fauna are utterly discombobulated.
Hence the fact that the last few mornings we've been woken at 5.something am by our local cock pheasant standing on a stone outside the bedroom window and screeching his head off. Now I do realise there are many ways to advertise that one is available for an elegant mate but Janey Mac! if we all did that the neighbours wouldn't half complain!

He is rather a gorgeous specimen and I hope he lives long and prospers, but not outside my bedroom window! I suppose though, that if I was as gorgeous as that I'd stand on a rock and advertise myself too...actually, on second thoughts, if I had a speckled chest and long tail I'll be more likely to hide! I tried to get a photo of him this morning and was out stalking him in my PJ's but no luck. Perhaps tomorrow...if Marey Horse doesn't kick him into oblivion first as he was seriously aggravating her this morning and she was snorting and humphing at him big time!

Other news?
BBug is back at school this morning- minus her Easter Geography homework which she left too late to finish.

Dilly is home for a few days. Last week she was finally diagnosed with what's been wrong with her since last August, causing her to fall over, have no strength, and be in almost constant pain- Fibromyalgia, a form of Arthritis. NOT what you expect at age 20.
At least it counts as an official disability so she can have a writer for her exams and extensions for written work. It has brought her 'normal' life to a complete halt though and she is obviously having a bit of bother getting her head around it. Still, at least we know what it is, the alternatives could have been far, far worse.

Travelling Sister returned home Friday safe and sound, looking disgustingly healthy and tanned.
She brought me a Bolivian Doll- its about 5" tall and she says they really do mostly dress like this. Interesting huh?

Big Sister moved house/ flat on Thursday and Friday, just within Dublin, and is delighted to be unpacking all her things which have been in storage since she returned from South America in the Summer.
And the Hub cleared and tidied the shed out on Saturday- not before time, mark you!
So, from snow and gales to high Summer in a fortnight...and I've just answered the phone to my Dad: 'Hello hello? This is the Mountain Rescue- do you know that you have a sheep up on your roof?'
What next!

Friday, 9 April 2010

Sunrise, Sunset

Just LOOK what arrived in the post yesterday!
THANK YOU Kat for the prize! and THANK YOU Jane for the Buttliscious Artuluoso!
Do I love it or DO I LOVE IT!!
Thank you so much people!

And on the very same day...
an apron made just for ME by Diana! Its wonderful! Thank you so much!
Double sided, no less, one for polite and one for work!

Lovely sun today- good opportunity for a roll, Bertie!

Been knitting a lot this week- very useful when my head is not in a 'happy place', as Dilly would say.

New item in the shop:
And some eye candy:

Thank you for bearing with me this week- I really appreciate your continued visits, especially when I'm giving nothing of myself. Hopefully next week will be better.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Life is but a weaving

My life is but a weaving
Between my God and me.
I cannot choose the colours
He weaveth steadily.
Oft’ times He weaveth sorrow;
And I in foolish pride
Forget He sees the upper
And I the underside.
Not ‘til the loom is silent
And the shuttles cease to fly
Will God unroll the canvas
And reveal the reason why.
The dark threads are as needful
In the weaver’s skilful hand
As the threads of gold and silver
In the pattern He has planned.
He knows, He loves, He cares;
Nothing this truth can dim.
He gives the very best to those
Who leave the choice to Him.
- Author Unknown

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today is Maundy Thursday.
Also known as Holy Thursday, is the Christian feast or holy day falling on the Thursday before Easter that commemorates the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with the Apostles. It is the fifth day of Holy Week, and is preceded by Holy Wednesday and followed by Good Friday. (Wikipedia)

This week's Thankfuls concern Easter as we travel through Christ's Passion, Death and Resurrection- its a very intense time for Christians the world over.

1. Thankful that I live AC (after Christ!)

2. Thankful to live in a country with religious freedom and tolerance.

3. Thankful for God's Plan to save us from our sinful nature. 'For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.' John 3:16.

4. Thankful for Jesus' obedience to His Father- imagine if he'd changed his mind? "Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done." Luke 22:42.

5. Thankful that we are an EASTER people! "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." Matthew 5:16.

And just as a footnote- this was yesterday, the haze isn't mist or poor focus, its blowing snow and hail:

Its melting now, but there's a very black sky to the north so there's likely more on the way!
Remember Resolution No.9 from yesterday (which Jane found so funny, huh!) ? Well I uploaded the first item yesterday evening- the summery appliqué table runner I was working on, so I fear I'm a little ahead of myself there, season-wise...!


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