Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Nit Picky? Pick Nitty?

I'm feeling nit picky so I'm going to just say what I've been thinking (for ages)...

When women are writing about their families why do they have to say that they are married to the most fantastic Man that ever walked the earth, and have the most adorable children anyone ever gave birth to?

If they have to make me jealous for them to feel good, tough, not sure I want to know...

If they are married to a right #*#~~*%"^&%%## are they likely to admit their judgement was a little 'off' on their wedding day?
If they wish they'd run screaming years ago, are they likely to admit it in their blog? (and I'm not belittling those who wish they could, believe me, its no joke)
And as regards their children, I should hope that at least once a week most mothers think their children are the best thing since sliced bread! (when they are asleep)

Can't we just take all that as read and move on to more interesting stuff- like how many scarves they have? or their favourite cheese? or whether they hoover under the sofa except when their mother is visiting?

Because, lets be honest, all husbands have faults and there's no such thing as the perfect man- I mean, even Superman wears his clothes inside out....and children? even when you want to tie 'em to the Park railings and run, you'd be bawling your eyes out the minute anything happened to them.

So can we just leave off about the husbands and children, and write about the important stuff here?

Talking of which, after a brief trip home at the weekend to do laundry (NINE LOADS begorrah!), cook, play the organ, visit the parents and update them on life the universe and everything, etc...I'm back in Dublin arguing with Eldest and pointing her nose at the grindstone.
Middlest arrives this evening to work on the Set all of tomorrow.

And someone has spilled something sticky on this laptop and its truly revolting-eeugh...

Business as normal so!


soggibottom said...

Would I forgive Superman.... :-) Always :-)
Maybe some enjoy their world, what ever it is... :-)
No one has to be perfect.... wouldn't it be a strange world if we all were :-)
Don't have sticky stuff on the computer, unless I have been feeding Frank jam sandwiches and he paws the keyboard :-)xxx

Wendy Paula said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post!
Reading while eating toast and getting sticky fingers on the keyboard.....
I have often wondered about this very subject and have often felt rather jealous of the perfection in some peoples lives, most likely written to impress.
Have a wonderful day!

Elaine said...

I know what you mean. You read about their perfect wonderful lives and perfect wonderful husbands and kids, and what they write is probably true some of the time. However, nobody's life is perfect all the time, and everyone has periods of sadness and despair. There is not a perfect person in the world. Hooray! I think perfection is highly overrated and very boring. I would not want a perfect husband. How could I possibly live up to that? If we don't have bad times how can we appreciate good times? The way I see it you just enjoy the account of the perfect family as a wonderfully written piece of fiction, and then go back and happily enjoy your own delightful imperfect family. It's where I belong and where I want to be.

Trishia said...

A perfect post indeed:) Though I don't think my hubby is perfect, I am so freaking proud of him -- I haven't told anyone in blog world except you -- but he quit tobacco! And he did it all by sheer will, no medicine, no patch -- but a lot of chewing gum and I was ready to smack him up the side of his head if he didn't quit smacking that gum so noisily, but I contained myself cause I know it's awfully hard to give up such an addiction....:)


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