Wednesday, 7 October 2009

I blinked!

Its Wednesday, did you notice? Last I knew it was Sunday evening...Some big blink that was, to lose half a week!

Monday morning I was in School to sort out the week's Music teaching...and I quilted all afternoon.

Tuesday I talked to a small spider in the bathroom who wanted to know why people so often shriek when he pops up to say 'hello!' He said he wouldn't mind them shrieking if he was a whopping great hairy gazillion-legged fanged beast daring folks to turn on the tap...but he isn't. I couldn't explain that one to him. The Hub spent the morning finishing the month's Church accounts and packing his case (and wondering whether I'd done his laundry, darned his jersey, ironed his trousers, polished his good shoes, etc...and what did his last servant died of? Insubordination, I fear!)
After lunch I went into school to start Sunday's singers and get them to paste the songs into their copy books. It was a bit of a disaster as they were just away with the fairies. Afterwards at home I started reading a new Brother Cadfael mystery which I liberated from Dad's bookcase! It was so cold in the evening that when I went to collect the girls we stopped in at the store and bought two sacks of firewood so we could light the stove. Early to bed, then woken at midnight when the Hub came home from work because he'd lost his ticket for the boat and the Sat-Nav, silly man. Eventually found. Woken again at 4.30am to make sure he had everything in the car as he left to drive to Dublin Port to get the ferry to Hollyhead, Wales.

Wednesday, got up for the second (or was it third (?) time) at 7.30am to get girls to College, School and myself to School to teach all day. (no voice left now- 'hurray' from my girls!) At breakfast B informed me there was a mouse in the bottom of the store cupboard and showed me a chewed up cereal box...which was thrown in the fire immediately. Mice don't scare me but I object to them making free with our food. Rats terrify me. After school I drove across town to visit the folks and d'you know THREE times people stepped out in front of my car without checking whether the road was clear! Honestly! Collected girls, and am now about to head back in to town to leave Sos to Kick-Boxing and for B and I to do the grocery shopping. I have trouble staying in a shop long enough to do everything, I panic and leave, which means that we are down to flour and yeast and cornflakes for food! Not terribly nutritious...I guess we could make like mice and eat the packets?!

So, yet another a dull, quiet day! The children in school were very entertaining today so it was rather rowdy! But Music generally is!


Heart2Heart said...

And then you wonder where you week went? You have been extremely busy! I love your bit about the spider! I think it is based solely on what they look like when we see them up close! Yikes!

But I realize that they have a purpose in life to keep other nasty critters at bay, so as long as they are outdoors, they can stay!

Here is hoping that you have plenty of wood for a nice fire as the temperatures get chilly!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Youthful Wisdom said...

Sounds like you had a super busy half a week!

I always wonder why people yell upon seeing a spider... they're so small you would think they'd yell first after seeing us :)

Have a nice rest of the week!

Artistic Logic said...

busy as the rest of the world is ;)

i am one of those that scream at sight of your little spider friend...and then run away....far, far away

you're a music teacher!!! cool! i played the guitar in 5th grade (don't know why i felt the need to offer that info)

Heckety said...

Music is one of those things everyone can relate to I think!


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