Friday, 2 October 2009

Quilt top finished!

Last night I had to stay up until 2am to collect Sos from her night out in town so I thought I might as well use the time productively. As a result I finished piecing the main part of this top, and then this morning I attached the borders.
I think it has turned out alright. Not a normal Triple Chain build up of colour but I knew it wouldn't be. I think I'll quilt big swirly patterns in the yellow centers. I'm about to go fetch B from hockey practice, and then I'll get the wood from the shed and set up the quilt frame in the hall. Its ages since I've hand-quilted a big top and d'you know I'm looking forward to it!


Heart2Heart said...

Stopping by to say thank you for the beautiful comments you left me! You are one amazing quilter! I love all the brilliant and bright colors of this quilt.

I too, became a follower of yours as well. Can't wait to get to know you even more!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Constructive Attitude said...

Do you sell any of your quilts?

Elaine said...

Beautiful work! I've only started doing a bit of quilting, and I have realized that I need to keep it at that, a bit of quilting. I've decided to focus on small wall hangings that I can get done quickly! Instant gratification, you know. LOL

Heckety said...

Quilting is one of those things which can very easily get out of hand, which is why I try sell quilts sometimes to make a bit of money. Mind you, I belong to the school of 'thrift quilters' so I very rarely buy fabric, just make do with other folks' left-overs and throw-outs. It works for me! This quilt is a bit different in that I bought the jazzy fabrics in a bunch in UK, but everything else is left-overs.


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