Friday, 16 October 2009

Where has all my Friday gone?

Since I have two guests coming this weekend, a friend of B's for two nights tonight, and the Hub's Mother tomorrow afternoon, I think I'd better be getting on with the housekeeping. A mattress shaped space needs clearing upstairs for a start, as well as cleaning, laundry, baking, and bathrooms cleaned. Also the dogs have hidden something in the hall I think as there is an odd smell so I need to find out what it is before it becomes a bad smell! (and remove it...)
I had B in school by 8.10 am, I suspect she was early as she had forgotten to do some homework but I'm not sure, and the grocery shopping done by 9.30am which I thought was fairly efficient, and then stopped by the folks to see all was well and, as usual stayed too long. Bro and a sister arrive today for the weekend so we are all at dinner with the folks tonight, even more reason for me to get my skates on here.
Anyhow, here are two photos I took yesterday evening on the bridge in town- just as a moment of serenity! Oh and I had a lovely time with my friend yesterday evening, we talked so much we got locked into the coffee shop without noticing- the staff just left us yakking and got on with doing all their clearing!!! When we found out we laughed so much- actually we didn't discover until B arrived down from school and thought I was joking when I said I was still in Pepper Alley! 'But Mom, its all locked up!'
Have a good day and I hope to catch up with yous all tomorrow!


Constructive Attitude said...

The first picture looks so serene!

Micki said...

They are so serene and beautful!
Thanks for sharing!

ladydi said...

What a beautiful area you photographed! It's great fun for me to see where my blog friends live. Since I'm not likely to come to Ireland, I'm especially happy to see your photos. I hope you have had a wonderful visit with your company! (You didn't have to move your quilt, did you?)

Heckety said...

Thank you my people! I'm afraid that tidying up did not involved moving the quilt frame, but I did have to pack away all my sewing space! Ah well, no time for it anyway!


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