Saturday, 3 September 2011

A Long Cut Home...

I'm trying the new Blogger interface, so let me know if anything daft...dafter than usual....transpires on this post after publishing!

On Thursday our road home was closed for work so I had to use the Dromahair road, longer, but gorgeous scenery. I stopped above Colgagh Lough (pronounced Kol-ga) for photos. It was a fairly overcast afternoon but you can see the spread of the valley.
Looking north west...
Looking north...over the hills to the north east (right of photo) would be our place.
If you can enlarge this, it gives a bit of information on the valley.
This van I saw in a car park and had to take a photo- isn't Dripsey just the most brilliant name for an Irish town?????

On Tuesday and Thursday of this week I have put in several hours of work in the Cathedral Churchyard: weeding and clearing the borders by the Main Gate, clearing two of the larger graves which were choked with weeds, and digging back collapsed banks and replacing stones. A man regularly cuts the grass, and another parishioner keeps the edges of the drive clear of weeds, but maintenance is up to whoever has the time. Since at present everyone is trying to get the Hall painted and cleaned for use while the Cathedral is full of scaffolding and paint buckets, it seemed fair for me to mount an attack on the holy weeds!

I'll take some photos next week, just 'afters' though!


Robin said...

What a beautiful corner of the world you live in. LOVE the name Dripsey, too.

My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

Lynn said...

What a view, looks like your not to far from Roscommon.

Trishia said...

Holy weeds?!:) Your country looks like mine. Aren't we lucky?


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