Friday, 12 July 2013

Living In A...

...cardboard box, as the song says?

No, just a car park!
Friends find it really funny but my address really is Flat 2, *****, *** ** Car Park!

This is the usual view from my bedroom window:
Car park and the river, see?
As I've previously mentioned, it can be very rowdy as there is a pub at right angles to my bedroom and a Night Club behind my kitchen wall, but generally it is entertaining, especially in the recent warm weather when the whole town has taken to living outdoors.

Last night there was a band playing on the other side of the river. There must have been hundreds of people out because as the night progressed it seemed that the clientele took over the singing and the band was left accompanying them, rather than leading the entertainment.
Welcome to the Irish way of doing things!

Anyhow, today's excitement is this: tomorrow the Connaught section of the Stages Rally is happening guess where? In my car park!! Grandstand view or what!! I think its ace- I get a bird's eye view with no bumping or pushing (and when you are as short as me seeing anything can be a serious problem!)

At midnight tonight it will be closed off and....drum roll...Let The Games begin!...or Rally...

I'm tellin' ya lads, 'tis gonna be a fine grand weekend!

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Amanda said...

What a Pollyanna you are!


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