Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Clever Clogs

Explain to me how one person can be such a disaster?

Last week I broke my laptop and my phone. Laptop mended, phone fixed.Then my Internet dongle gives up the ghost so used up all phone credit using phone for laptop hotspot, phone now has no Internet or calls as no credit ( but 'unlimited texts to all networks').

Then I blew up the iron, shorted the plugs (twice) set off alarm, etc. Ditched iron. Computer guy kindly looked at dongle and says 1) not my stupidity not working, 2) take it to vodafone. Vodafone say they'll send it off, be gone 10 working days and will have to pay for possible repairs. So I said I'd think about it. 

Is it cheaper to buy coffee every day for the foreseeable future to get free Internet or repair the damn dongle- WHICH I would like to say, has given endless and constant problems since I bought it a year ago.
(coffee 5days a week x 4 weeks month = €49.) 

Then.. I had to let painters in to school this morning and discovered that the relevant store keys are missing off the office hooks... and had to start phoning round to find someone who knows something. I phoned the caretaker who phoned me back and is trying to sort out his keys to be delivered as he is...wait for it...in POLAND. AAARGH.

Verily I say unto thou; no good deed will go unpunished. 

Is it just me?
Would anyone else like to join me in this soap-opera?

But then I looked at my emails and a friend has sent me this as encouragement:

'...Make every minute count' Ephesians 5:16
The Bible tells us that there is a 'time for everything' (Ecclesiastes 3:1 NCV). What are you going to do with the time given to you?

In the third stage of its life, a caterpillar forms a chrysalis and, inside, mushes all its body parts into gross bug goo (yeah, don't google 'inside a chrysalis'...) When it's strong enough, it pushes its way out of the shell as a butterfly and uses its wings for the first time. Rush this process, try to help the butterfly out by opening the chrysalis early, and you'll be releasing an underdeveloped bug hybrid with teeny wings. Also you'll be killing it, so that too.

We must be wise with our time. It's tempting to take shortcuts even when you sense a chance to grow, but rather try to rush through everything, play the long game. Put the slow work into character-forming and you'll make something great out of your life. When life gives you lemons, it's probably God; so you should probably make, like, a delicious lemon cake. All of the ingredients we get in our life are given to us by Him. Some learning experiences we choose, and others, both good and bad, are thrust upon us. The story of who you are is written in your scars as well as your good experiences. They're not coincidences. God is crafting and making you - Almighty God! - so don't shrink back - make something wonderful out of it all. What now? God has '...made everything beautiful in its time' (Ecclesiastes 1:9 NLT).

 Think: have you even considered that this might be you?

Soooo....does that mean God considers me beautiful- sorry Lord, but yeah right. Or does he consider me a disaster with potential, as in potential to NOT be a disaster? Yes, I could go with that as a plausible outcome.

So I will think present: mushy chrysalis, but future: ...I'll go for moth, no way will I ever be butterfly material.

Best wishes from a future Moth.


Amanda said...

Clearly, it was the disaster fairy who was top dog at your christening!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Course God thinks you're beautiful, just like us and stuff we make, we can see the imperfections (unmatched seams on quirks, wobbly bits on us) but we were made with love! hope you got your keys sorted (and you get paid overtime!)


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