Friday, 14 February 2014

Consider Noddy

Regardez vous le petit voiture!
(old photo- camera not co-operating with today's photos)
(looks heluva lot worse these days...)
Isn't it a charming, gallant vehicle (pronounced VEH-ik-el) albeit a tad battered? And taking into account that it has been serving owners since 1999 its doing a reasonable job, especially since it had it under parts welded together a year ago.

If you had this extremely personable car-person under your NCT scrutiny would you not just give it a pat on the bonnet and sign it off with a smile?

Well obviously the inspection guys didn't fall for its character either- NOT, I hasten to add, that they recommended it be dispatched forthwith to the great scrapyard in the sky...BUT they did point out a flaw which they would like seen to before patting it on the bonnet and signing it off with a smile.

Back track briefly to late last week and a friend was helping me clean Noddy ready for the inspection. I was fretting about the state of the tyres, thinking they would fail the NCT whilst scrubbing away at a year's worth of accumulated mould on the sides and roof. Laughingly W. remarked, 'Don't scrub too hard at the rust as its probably all that's holding it together!'


Fast track to the end of the inspection next day and the guy tells me...'Well basically its failed due to the spreading rust which is particularly bad under the central door support...' Basically he implied that if I were to hit a pothole at speed, and we've plenty of those to choose from, Noddy would probably sort of concertina inwards with the bonnet meeting the boot. Now I'd love to see that, like a Muppet's mouth, you know?

So today Noddy is having his bum welded...again...not such a big job as last time though, and really, if Noddy was a dog I'd probably be wondering whether I should put him out of his misery, so between you, me and the dog, to say nothing of the car, I'm not fussed!

And Noddy is sniggering away to himself getting pampered to bits for a day before, hopefully, being patted on the bonnet and signed off with a smile..for another year....

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Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Well done you for taking it so well, I always dread annual inspection! I have very weak grip in my left hand. ( this will become obviously relevant - much sooner to you than it did to me in the following story ...)

Years ago my car failed on a number of issues, and husband slaved all weekend to fix them. I took it back and the inspector was just finishing up- yes he would check my car but his assistant had gone so I would have to help. Lights? Yes now shining in the right direction. Door? Yes now shut on a single slam not a funny double jerk. ... Hand brake? "Drive the car onto these rollers, take it out of gear and now pull on the hand brake ... sorry love, they've still failed"

So back home we go, me dejected, car uncaring, and tell himself it's still failed. He protests that's he's taken it apart and put it back together, and it's perfect. I happen to say well he told me to ... And he ... And I. ... Eventually he stops laughing and tells me " you silly cow, YOU failed your mot, that car is fine". And so it was!


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