Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Catch Up

I think we will have bullet points for efficacy in transfer of information:

(Youngest is doing a Career Skills course for six weeks and I am being dragged from Neanderthal to 21stC I'm told...the phrase 'nothing new under the sun' springs to mind, but I listen and hope to learn something new which will give me the edge in any interviews I might receive...apparently bullet points are 'in'!)

  • One calendar month left until Middlest's Wedding- (holy smoke-aagh) she finished her College Finals last Friday.
  • Two bridesmaids dresses to alter and one wedding dress.
  • guitar needs three new strings (glad someone else got the organ repaired!)
  • I didn't get a place on the course in Dublin, over the disappointment now though.
  • Haven't even got as far as an interview for any of the teaching jobs I've applied for, actually, not even a request for references, guess its really dung-heap time...
  • Need a new music stand- why can't someone manufacture an unbreakable foldable music stand?
  • Sheet music for seven pieces of music...then learn to play, two guitar, five organ.
  • 130 tea cups and saucers needed, but hey! do I mind hanging out in Charity shops for the next month?
  • Important School service on Friday week, grand opening for the new school, which we moved into Patrick's weekend a year ago! Hairy caniptions? not me, more the rest of the teachers having to deal with me...actually funny story later.
  • general sewing (belated gifts!) to give to family members who will be at wedding, in order to save postage!!
I'm certain the list will lengthen, in the way of lists, but its bearable so far. Middlest is playing flute accompaniment for the School Service by way of a last hurrah, which is fun.

Funny story: in school yesterday after morning break  I took all eight classes up to the Church to work out seating and manoeuvring for Friday week...as anyone working with children knows, the logistics of moving groups of children around in a confined space like a Church takes a bit of thought in order to avoid congestion or mishaps.

I thought I had cleared it with the Principal and everyone but as I took off out of school he called after me: 'I have visitors coming to see around the school and there's not a single child left in the place!'

The hilarity of it struck me later- how many of you when asked what you did today can answer, 'I walked off with two hundred children!'

Lots of love,
Pied Piper.


Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Brilliant!!! Serves him right for not checking with you!!!!! Gosh you've got a busy time coming up hope all goes well, sorry to hear you didn't get on the course :-(

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Child to parent "has [headteacher] been naughty?" No, why. " well why does she sit in that room looking like she's being told off?"


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