Saturday, 27 June 2009

The End of the World and a Daft Dog

Yesterday at lunch B remarked that she’d heard that Scientists had predicted the end of the world within the next few years and she hoped either it wasn’t true or that she wouldn’t be around for it.
H: Why?
B: All that chaos would be bad for my cholesterol.
H: (befuddled) Huh? D’you mean stress levels?
B: (pause, then doubtfully) Maybe…

Needless to say I laughed!

Ben-dog spent the afternoon leaping and pirouetting around the kitchen chasing flies, or maybe it was just one tricky fly. Finally he thought he had it cornered under the table with the microwave on, so he took a flying leap at it. His front paws skidded across the top of the kitchen compost bin and fell into the crate with cleaning stuff. Ben didn’t notice and took another snap at the fly thereby compounding the paw problem. Realised he was stuck and tried to lunge backwards, hit his head off the underneath of the table and brought down a rain of items off the top of the microwave on himself! He then had the nerve to turn round and gaze reproachfully at me as though the situation was MY fault!
Dilly calls the dogs ‘Thick Dog’ and ‘Stupid Brother’, justifiably! Back in their adolescent years she once threatened to can them and send them out to feed drought- stricken Africa, which we thought was rather sick. But since the girls grew up in Kenya and lived alongside people who were utterly dependant on the rains falling on time twice a year, she was, in her own deviant way, being quite practical…well, maybe? We adore them really, the dogs that is, not so sure about the girls….

The Hub has driven to Dublin today with the contents of Dilly’s flat which he retrieved less than a month ago! The lease was up on her flat so Dilly moved out, and since she didn’t have a job for the summer decided it was better to store her rubbish in the attic at home. Then when she and some friends were up doing the Shakespeare Festival (sleeping on floors) they were offered various part-time jobs in College and the Theatre, enough to justify taking on an apartment over the summer and for the next academic year. Hence the returning of ‘stuff’! With the drop in rent they’ve got a place within walking distance of College, paying the same as they were for much further out last year. So that’s good. Her Gran bought her a Bread-maker for her last birthday so I was just packing up flour and ingredients from the press. I wrapped the margarine in layers of newspaper so I hope it arrives intact to her fridge and not a dripping greasy puddle.
I started making all our bread about six years ago when I read an article in 'Prima' magazine concerning the amount of salt hidden in food, and bread in particular. Our growing girls were putting away large quantities of bought bread and I just couldn't ignore the possible damage to their health. Of course there's no comparison between bought and home-made bread, hot out of the oven all crumbly and butter melting and dripping down their chin? I was working full-time so I bought a Bread-maker and that, basically, was that! We're on our second Bread-maker as the first wore out beyond repair though the Hub kept it going beyond its normal life-span...handy marrying an engineer, I do recommend it!!!

Yesterday I got two squares made for the small quilt-wall-hanging I’m making. It is a Wedding present for a teacher at school so I am making twelve 6inch blocks. I’ve tried to choose blocks relevant to the couple- teacher and farmer. Yesterday I foundation-pieced a red tractor, and then paper pieced a ‘Bachelor’s Puzzle’ block! I also found a block entitled ‘Shortcut to School’ which I’m going to do next and of course a ‘Little Red Schoolhouse’. The first two turned out ok, without too much unpicking, or swearing…


Micki said...

My dog Rufus chases flies all the time. Charlie, on the other hand, is just too lazy to do that. The quilt that you are making souinds lovely.

Heckety said...

Thank you! I'll show you when I'm done.

BT said...

Oh I had to laugh at the fly chase!! what a clown. both our cats chase flies but Buster generally can't be bothered. He chases the cats intstead when I'm not looking! Lucky couple who are getting your quilt. I bet it'll be lovely. Did you see the one I made for Kitty?


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