Sunday, 28 June 2009

Messy Drawers and Woodworm in the Piano

What sort of silly eejit goes out to the garden and starts watering, raking beds and weeding in her best trousers? Mind you, in the middle of the Service this morning I suddenly noticed they weren’t as clean as I thought they were (melted chocolate?). What sort of an example is that to be giving? Well, as the fridge magnet says, ‘If you can’t be a good example, be a terrible warning.’ ( My girl’s favourite).
It was the Sunday School Prize-giving today so the children sang and presented a Drama, all ten of them. Although 14, and well past Sunday School age, B was hauled in to play the villain, along with a 2year old who needed helping up and down the Chancel steps, it was unintentionally quite funny, the Two Ronnies or something. Still they all did a good job and it was a simple, pleasant, if slightly chaotic Service.

The woodworm in my piano seems to be multiplying, or at least, popping out to say ‘hello’, like the rhyme about the burp. The piano tuner sloshed woodworm chemical all over the piano innards in April but I think I’m going to have to dismantle it and repeat the job. He said it would be necessary but it does stink so. I don’t appreciate them one bit. Granny was always waging war on them and there were frequently pieces of furniture out in the yard when we arrived, but I guess it’s only really a problem with old furniture, and second-hand pianos. Ah well, a job for the morrow.

Before Church, when I was preparing the music, words and pictograms for the children, I was rummaging in the jua kali drawer for decent markers and found several items I’d mislaid. It made me think about something I read online the other day about tidy people with messy kitchen drawers, and perfectionists who sometimes judge their disorganised brethren. The point the article was making was that crafting in all its forms is about loving the recipient. An analogy which occurred to me this morning is that we are all a bit like messy drawers, full of treasures, useful but forgotten things, precious things to be kept safe, hidden items, and yes, rubbish too! (Speaking personally my rear end is almost as square as the aforementioned drawer, and that melted chocolate could have something to do with it, or rather the rest of the bar…) That would make an interesting sermon, ‘Messy Drawers I Have Known’. Hmmmm…..actually sounds a bit risqué…

B decided we’d have frankfurters for lunch, so after Church we headed in to the supermarket. Unfortunately we noticed a special on books, and even more unfortunately it included a Nora Roberts and a Jill Mansell. Blew the budget, what –ho! Two favourite authors in this house and B ‘bagged’ the N. R. for when she’s finished ‘My Sister’s Keeper’, which is making her very angry! Its good to have to consider the premise at the centre of that book, strong meat for a 14 year old perhaps but she is a Thinker.

All the recycling was loaded into my car-boot earlier, tomorrow is going to be some exciting day!

It’s just rained quite heavily, thank goodness, so I went out and weeded the veg beds. The scent of the broad bean flowers was lovely- I wish my sweet pea seedlings had germinated. Whilst weeding, the French beans explained why they aren’t doing so well. It’s because they are too exposed to the wind, and the onions have smelly feet. It was a bit difficult to understand them as their accent is so strong. Now I am wondering whether to dig them up and plant them in the (now ready! hooray!) sheltered box, or are they a lost cause. I think they are still sulking about their Six Nations defeat, but we mustn’t mention the Rugby!


Micki said...

I love pianos...I wish that I had one now, as I studied it for over 12 years. We are supposed to be getting rain too up here.

Heckety said...

I can't live without a piano! We sold my first one when we returned to Ireland from Kenya, and it paid for all our plane tickets, but it was such a wrench to part with it. We tried to live without one here as money was rather short but after six months of my grouchiness (not on purpose, truly) the Hub gave in and we took out an overdraft for the cheapest piano we could find with a decent tone! We obviously got very good value since it came with its own beasties!

Lady Collum said...

Greetings to you in Ireland! :-) Can't wait to see the photos. Hope you get to know your Dad's camera really well so that we can see some of your tea cups. Cheers, from So. CA!!

Heckety said...

Hello and Welcome! What fun to have a new person!
I'm working on the camera, the neighbour's horses very kindle posed for ages this morning whilst I fiddled and messed...very patient animals!

BT said...

I have my parents' piano but it's still in the UK. I want to get it over here but am not sure how! I used to play but haven't for ages, but used it mostly to learn singing parts.
I haven't had a woodworm problem with it thankfully. Horrid little things they are. Pictures, pictures, where are you??? lol.


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