Monday, 14 September 2009

A Campfire and James' Letter cont'd

On Saturday evening after devouring six pizzas, a pot of tea and a whole cake (in reverse order!), the young'uns decided to have a campfire. I gave them matches, showed them the paper re-cycling and the wood pile, and let them get on with it. I reckoned the ground around the fire-pit was still so damp they couldn't do any damage, and though they mightn't succeed in getting a fire going they would enjoy the trying. Well they did, and spent the next hour and a half enjoying it and star-gazing. Honestly that lot could talk for Ireland, I don't think they stopped all day!
Yesterday morning was so sunny that the stained glass windows in Church were a blaze of colour. I tried to take some photos but they don't really capture the beauty of them.
The Rector preached on James Ch3 v1:'Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.'
He made three points regarding this verse: firstly in order to teach it is necessary to be dedicated, and even to have a vocation for it, that the most effective teachers don't stumble into it by chance. Secondly that an effective teacher needs training and, possibly, experience of what they are teaching- we can't teach unless first taught. And thirdly that in order for teachers to prevail in their work they need to practise what is in their hearts, communicating through their living.
I remember studying this passage when I was at College doing my teacher training and wondering how I could possibly live up to all that God requires, as well as the human responsibility of being a teacher. It seemed such an enormous undertaking, with so many years of life before me to get it terribly wrong! Well, there are less years before me now, but I still have to trust that God knows what He's doing sending me into classrooms, because the whole 'thing' of teaching still overwhelms me, and that's just on one day a week!!!

Its another beautiful day today, so after the school run I went outside and took some garden photos. Sos begins College today, and is very excited. B forgot her games kit in the car and came dashing back as I was pulling out into the traffic, and I noticed the student in the car behind did exactly the same thing! Traffic block! The borrowed car from the garage is fine, and I managed not to crunch anything in the traffic this morning!

I think I'm waffling just to put off getting on with the Monday chores...


Elaine said...

You gave those kids a wonderful memory by allowing them to have this great day. You did good, Mom.

Heckety said...

Why thank you!


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