Saturday, 5 September 2009

Debs photos! end of subject...

Thursday afternoon, when Sos was assembling all her garments for the evening, she suddenly realised that her slippers matched her Dress, so she needn't have got a new pair of shoes after all!
Some friends came to spend the night with us so that Sos could arrive in an elegant vehicle...And her employer in the flower shop did buttonholes and a wrist corsage for all three participants.
The trouble with a frothy Dress is that it gets everywhere!
Bum-bow! When they all got to the Night Club Sos left the bow in the Coat-check. The girl thought it hilarious to be handed a bow!
Part of the 'Gang', don't they look good!
And there you have it. Apparantly they had a great evening, lots of laughter, speeches from all the Principal and lots of prizes. We hung around at the start to watch the arrivals and they included-
a Daimler carrying a Mohican,
a huge Prime-Mover where the girl had to leap out and be caught by Driver and Escort as her dress was too tight to climb down the steps,
a pony and trap, or maybe two,
an old Traveller Caravan, complete with inside stove puffing out turf smoke,
an orange Volkswagon,
several sports cars,
a bus carrying one couple,
a modern caravan packed full of people singing and calling...
It was a laugh!


Constructive Attitude said...

Aww she looks nice. And she had to drive the vehicle? lol

ladydi said...

It's lovely to see that here and across the ocean girls like to dress up in lovely frothy gowns to go to the prom, and boys like to arrive in fine vehicles. :>} I wish she had worn the slippers with it!

Heckety said...

Yes the whole thing gave us a good few laughs!

Kathy said...

The gowns are so pretty in the photos.


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