Thursday, 10 September 2009

Music and a Quilt-top finished!

Yesterday I began the Michaelmas' Term Music. It was good to see all the classes back, and even though it was a rather rowdy start, at least it was a start! When I got to school I discovered that there was a Music student to shadow me, who happened to be someone I taught when he was in Primary school! He is now at College studying to become a Music teacher himself. He taught half of each of the last two classes, and did well too. He has a wonderful singing voiceand the children enjoyed him as much as I did.
After supper Sos wanted to go in to town to a friend's house-warming evening, so I spent a few hours with the folks which was good.

Today I sewed, finishing up a partly cut-out quilt top. It began from left-overs from a double-bed quilt I was comissioned to make several years ago, but it is now a finshed top! Throw sized, though I have not yet measured it. This afternoon whilst B was buying schoolbooks and tights (how does she ladder so many so often?) I nipped into the Thrift shop and got two nearly new cotton pillowcases which I am taking apart to be seamed as backing. At one euro each its good value! There are odd shrieks and giggles coming from sounds as though B is having to beat her pyjamas into submission in order to wear them! She asked whether she could have a 'Social' on Saturday from midday till 10 pm. Since the weather forecast is good she wants to climb the hills behind us before the winter closes in. I said fine, but to let me know how many I need to feed, as Sos is having at least one friend to stay for the weekend, and I have a horror of running out of food (or loo-paper!). After much texting she announced there would probably be ten friends! Yikes! I didn't think to set a limit! I often tell people that my children are rarely disobedient, I just have to be one step ahead of them to imagine what they'll do and if necessary, forbid it! Ten is ok, they'll be out hiking for a few hours with any luck!

A friend at the Hub's workplace suggested what might be the problem with my car, and he's correst: the cylinder-head gasket has gone. It is now in the hospital for sick cars awaiting surgery. Luckily, since they think it'll be at least Tuesday before its ready, they can lend me a car until mine is better! Since the Hub is away on training all next week, it looked like being akward, but all is well!


Little Ms Blogger said...

10 kids! Yikes - Luckily they'll be walking the hills and not running around inside the house.

Beautiful quilt. I wish I had the talent and patience to make one.

Elaine said...

Oops! Forgetting to set a limit on numbers can get you into trouble. The noise level at your house may exceed healthy decibel levels.

Your quilt is lovely. It's always nice to be able to make something out of leftovers.

Constructive Attitude said...

are you a teacher too?????

ladydi said...

I love log cabin quilts! Yours is a beauty - such pretty fabrics. I like the idea of thrifted pillow cases for the backing. What did you decide to feed 10 hungry teenagers?

Micki said...

The quilt is beautiful!


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