Friday, 18 September 2009

Not impressed

Considering there has only really been two of us at home this week, apart from brief forays in search of clean clothes from Sos, I'd like to make a formal complaint concerning the amount of laundry, washing up, and ironing which have accumulated.

To whom it may concern:
I am not impressed.

Two days ago B discovered the Farm game on Facebook, and has been very busy playing it. Great enjoyment has been derived especially from the peculiar time frames involved in growing the various crops. Apparantly strawberries take four hours from planting to harvesting, and I think wheat takes four days! She has been giggling away to herself, not good for the asthma, but great for her morale. As the children and grandchildren of gardeners and farmers she and Sos have been highly entertained at the ridiculousness (is that a legitimate word?) of it all. But it has kept her happy so who cares?

The Hub returned home this afternoon from his week's course; the subject was ultra-sound, as usual I got the wrong words, as I frequently do. I love words but the correct ones don't always lodge in my mind, or come out of my mouth (or fingers, I suppose, since I'm typing).

Have any of you seen the film 'Secondhand Lions' with Michael Caine, Robert Duvall and Haley Joel Osmond? We first saw it a few years ago then recorded it last week off the TV.We have watched it three nights in a row because it is just such great entertainment. Its set in '50s America and concerns responsibilities and imagination and growing up. I'd really recommend it.


Elaine said...

We loved Secondhand Lions too. Fun movie.

Kathy said...

I hate it too when the laundry piles up and becomes overwhelming. The latest movie I have seen was Julie&Julia and I really liked it! I never saw the Secondhand Lions.

Micki said...

I will have to go to that sounds wonderful.
Thanks for telling us about it!

Constructive Attitude said...

I hate laundry. It's so annoying.

ladydi said...

One of my friends has a theory about laundry: skip a day and you never get caught up. Ugh.


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