Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Old Hat! New Hat!

I just received an email about this Online Open Studios Event being hosted by http://www.interweavestore.com/Mixed-Media/Magazines/Studios-Fall-2009.html.?a=qa090928. What a fun idea!
On Saturday Oct. 3rd all the participants (including yours truly here!) will he hosting virtual tours of their studio space: can't wait- I love seeing how other people organise themselves....or don't....
So that's the New Hat!
Now for the Old Hat!
I know these are about a week old, but I was about to post these photos when I got sick, so here thy are. When I drew up at the folks one day the sun on this acer and gladioli were just lovely, but I think I over exposed the photo as here it lacks the dense coppery sparkle it really had.
This lap quilt I finished last week. I pegged it to the hall curtains to photograph! The navy blue fabric is some wool blend which makes it very tactile. I took it into the living room when done to show the family and B asked could she have it while she was sick as her 'downstairs' Quiltey. I washed it yesterday, but it will probably stay on the sofa. It never ceases to surprise me how comforting a quilt is when one is poorly, or just cold.

The Hub finally put up this old wall shelf, which came from our last house in East Africa. Its nothing special really but I just like it and I like the continuity of objects moving with us. The pictures are paintings a great-great aunt did many years ago, which have travelled with me since I was a student, and the photos are of family. I just thought it looked nice...

...apart from the wall which looks like it's had one too many collisions with something! Isn't it annoying the way things show up in photos which you don't notice in real living?

This morning I got out the jelly roll of fabric I bought at the Festival of Quilts and am looking at patterns to use it on. I feel like beginning something new and beautiful!

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Elaine said...

You are obviously feeling better! Nice post.


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