Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Photo Essay

Starting at half eight this morning, I did all the ironing,
planned the next eight weeks of Music lesson content for school and put together the Assembly list,
baked two batches of cupcakes (about 36 in all), one batch for the Staffroom at school tomorrow, and the other for the hungry hordes at home,
collected B from school and Sos from town, took Sos to a meeting in Drumcliffe after supper, and typed up all my notes, the students' lyrics and lesson plans.
Its now almost eleven o'clock and I'm going to bed. Got School Assembly to play for tomorrow, and about 120 primary children to teach in various classes.
Another day at the coal face...

1 comment:

Gran said...

Thanks for keeping it real.
You go girl. You are a can do woman!

I have started back working on my blog. I hope you can stop by every now and then. I am sorry that my blog makes your computer so jumpy. We have to check into that.


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