Monday, 7 September 2009

A puff of smoke!

Let's begin with yesterday.
Church was grand, apart from one stop on the Organ which works intermittently and yesterday decided to take out the whole 'Swell Manual' (upper keyboard!). Luckily I had time to jiggle the link stops and get it working before the next hymn, that is, it didn't happen mid verse, which is my usual luck! Our Rector was called away suddenly so we had a retired reverend who is in out congregation to take the Service. I hadn't realised, but apparantly he's turned eighty! He is always interesting, but yesterday's Sermon made a big impression on everyone. He read James Ch5 v13-16. His message was this: how many people in times of sickness call on God as a last resort, whereas He should be our first call? So true! In the Porch everyone was discussing it!

After Church we went to the folks' to collect Sos, and to greet my sister, who was down from Dublin for the weekend, and ended up staying to lunch! Mum had done a Moroccan Lamb dish and it was wonderful. She had to buy the correct spices in England, so its a 'special occasion' dish, but it was dish-licious!

During lunch I'd had a text from Dilly to say she was on the 4o'c train, so we collected her on the way home, which was a lovely surprise for us! How is it that one extra person can increases the noise level by about ten times its normal volume? Or is it just Dilly?

Today I couldn't get out of bed until nearly mid-day I was so exhausted, but since then its been ok. Sos and I did a huge grocery shop, then she disappeared to meet friends, Dilly had spent the day in town with a friend from Enniskillen, and B walked down town from school as she had some text books to buy. Most unsuccessful though as everywhere was sold out and waiting for deliveries. After tea at the folks', because Dilly hadn't seen them yesterday, and collecting Sos, we headed home with a laden car........and guess what? BROKE DOWN!
Not just broke down, but broke down on the stretch of road where there is no mobile signal! Very funny the girls found it I can tell you! I took Sos's umbrella and hiked back about ten minutes to where I could get signal (trust them to know almost within the yard of where that was!) and rang the Hub.
BUT- wait for this...why did I break down? Because when I thought the Hub had put water in my radiator he'd forgotton. I've been driving for weeks without agequate water, I'm lucky the engine wasn't destroyed. Anyhow he took the girls home, filled the milk-churn with water, and returned to get the car going, and follow me home. I got to the gate and the car stalled again!

Terribly exciting hey?

So much for sewing all day. Tomorrow I have to get on with sorting out all my Music lessons until end of October, doing the school Assenbly list, writing the Nativity, and deciding on junior school songs for the Carol Service. Some baking for packed lunches would also be appreciated, no doubt, and B hasn't ironed any of her school shirts this weekend. Sewing? Hmmmm....


Little Ms Blogger said...

You're lucky you were able to get the car home.

Down from Dublin? It's been years, but when I was in Ireland I stayed in Dublin and made my way to Dingle. Are you along that route?

I loved Ireland. It wasn't a trip I planned on, but was there for the Dublin marathon and stayed for 10 days to travel the countryside.

Micki said...

Sorry about your breakdown...You had quite an adventure!


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