Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Sunday...oh my! Tuesday!

I've just opened the Utility room door to discover wall to wall re-cycling...I guess Ben and Bertie had a disagreement earlier.

Well we sure got the spare room finished in the nick of time, it's been occupated since Saturday by a stream of teenagers, with more on the floors upstairs. Which is fine and fun and a lot else, except that the Hub, in his wisedom, moved the computer to the spare room and I haven't had access for days...rethink?

Sunday's Sermon concerned the beginning of our reading of the book of James. I wish you could have heard it for yourself because our Rector transported us to the Holy Land in the first century though a search to authenticate James the brother of Jesus as the Book's author.
(photo from http://www.kandle.ie/)

In 1 Corinthians 15 Jesus appears after His Ressurrection to James, as well as the Apostles; Paul calls James 'the pillar of the Church' and seeks him out; received tradition has James as the first Bishop of the Church in Jerusalem; when Peter is arrested and put in prison, he tells his friends to tell James, which would indicate his opinion of James' importance. In Acts 15 James was among the leaders signing his name to a letter, and in AD 62 James was stoned to death by the authorities, which came as a shock after such a vivid recital of his life and credentials.
Apparantly opinion is divided concerning the Book of James as to why exactly it was written. Our Rector thinks it was written as a sermon and an eccouragement to be sent out to his own parishioners after the dispersal of the Jerusalem Christians; a letter from home, so's to speak, from their rector. If I was far from home, starting again in a foreign place and trying to live a Godly life, I would welcome such a letter. I guess those people must have too, or it wouldn't have been kept long enough to make it into the New Testament. Our Rector pointed out that since neither the world nor God changes, a letter written today could have strong similarities.

Its the season of wasps here, which is a bit odd considering how wintry the weather is. The Hub managed to cut the grass yesterday which is a vast improvement on our surroundings! Since Sos has swarmed off with the gang who was in residence here I can't try her dress on her, but I think it is almost finished, and I only re-did the zip five times...Now she wants a huge bow for bum, and a matching clutch bag, and her escort has been promised a matching tie...
B goes back to school tomorrow, and I have the first Assembly of the term in the primary school. Am I prepared? Not! Is B prepared? Well, she has her new textbooks and stationary, but I need to make over one of her sister's old skirts for her uniform and , due to the Debs' horror, I haven't done it yet...Its a pain being the youngest...

If you like sea-poems and care to visit, I just got a bit carried away next door! ( http://heartwarmingtreasures.blogspot.com/2009/09/sea-fever.html )


Micki said...

The sermon was very nice, and thanks for the excerpt. I am sure that in person it was lovely!

Constructive Attitude said...

Who are these teenagers? family?

Heckety said...

Two belong to me but the other several are my girls' friends, or friends of friends! Seems like since our house is the sort where people do as they please, its also where they congregate!

BT said...

What a wonderful and welcoming house you must have Heckety. I can't wait to see the finished dress. Only 5 times? AAAH! I hope your daughter appreciates all your work. That photo at the top is breathtaking.


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