Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Ta! Da! (Whew)

Ladies and um, ladies; coming down the catwalk now is an elegant evening dress suitable for a Debs Night. Made of layered satin and tulle, with a flounced underskirt, it should suit the most exacting of Barbie wanna-be's.
On the right side of the tulle overskirt are nine tiny bows each made from silver ribbon and one pearl bead, and if they hadn't been such a pain to make there would be a darn sight more of them.
A patchwork satin and tulle clutch bag nicely completes the emsemble, small enough to be discreet but large enought to hold camera, mobile-phone, money, make-up repair kit, safety pins, handkerchief and three types of lip gloss. Please admire the magnificent patchwork- a masterpiece born of necessity.
Turn aroud my dear and show all the ladies the enormous tulle bow on your rear end; only a truly madly fabulously confident young lady could carry off such a monstrosity of dolly frou-frou.
And a round of applause for our model? Thank you! Thank you!
So! THAT'S what I've been doing for the last fortnight. Big night is tomorrow, so I'll take one more photo of Sos all dolled up and then lay the subject to rest.
In honour of the guests coming tomorrow the girls cleaned the fish tank, and were astonished to discover Sally and Fishfinger lurking in the murky depths. Told them, but would they believe me? So now that the fish can see out we are back to covering the tank with a tea towel at supper time so they can't watch us eating their cousins.
D'you remember what the spare room looked like at the start of the summer?
Well, now it looks like this! Carpeted, painted, curtained (thank you my amazing Mother!), furnished (upstairs bunk-beds separated, at present)- in fact altogether clothed and in its right mind! And just to amuse you, here are five of the weekend's teenagers playing 'Twister' with a lot of shrieking...
I have about a weeks' worth of ironing to do. I had to wear my Sunday shirt to School today because there was nothing else decent in the wardrobe! There is some hoovering needed too, all the threads and trimmings which get eyerywhere when I sew, in fact I need to pick pink pinking snips off Bertie, he's so fluffy he's like a fabric magnet! Well, a fridge magnet too, but that's another matter...Sos is upstairs planning tomorrow's hair-do, much muttering and stomping and loud music!
But first of all I am going to make like Mma Ramotswe and sit back with a nice cup of rooibos tea and read the quilting magazine I've been keeping ready for the end of The Dress! Happy Days!


Wendy said...

Amazing dress! AND a matching purse, I sure hope she knows how cool of a mom you are! We had a big goldfish for years, I miss her still. Thoughtful of you to cover their tank, cracked me up!

Joyce said...

thanks for stopping the are quite the seamstress!

I just moved back to the US after 6 years in England. I miss it alot. Sigh.

Gran said...

Well Done!

Constructive Attitude said...

Very nice dress!

Kathy said...

I'm catching up on my blog reading. I see you've done a beautiful job on your daughter's dress and the purse turned out so cute. Love the color.

ladydi said...

p.s. LOL about the fish!

ladydi said...

Oh my goodness! Allow yourself the honor of being named Mother-of-the-year. The dress is gorgeous; sparkly bows a marvelous addition, and a purse to match with room for all life's necessities. It really doesn't get better than that! My compliments to the creator of all this finery.


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